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LONDON (Reuters) - Around 2.3 million Britons will do something embarrassing at their office Christmas party, from being sick in public, being rude to the boss or "snogging" a colleague, a research group said Monday. [I believe that should be "snogging with."]

Over 13 million people, nearly half the nation's working population, will attend their office Christmas party although a fifth of the workforce said their company wouldn't be having a party at all this year, according to Momentum Financial Services. [Because of the problems, teehee.]

But of those who will be letting their hair down, 18 percent admitted to behaving badly last year.

Nearly one million (44 percent) said they had danced inappropriately, while 722,000 (31 percent) said they had enjoyed a passionate kiss with a colleague. [I.e., they were snogging with a colleague.]

About one fifth confessed to breaking something in the office because of drunken behavior, and the same number said they were either sick in public or rude to the boss. Four percent, or 92,000 partygoers, said they had photocopied parts of their anatomy. [I wonder what happened to those 92,000 butt fotos.]

"And that's only those who admitted to doing something," said Lindsay Vetch, a spokeswoman for Momentum.

-- Anonymous, December 03, 2002

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