tenderloin neighborhood

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What type of neighborhood was 112-1/2 Golden Gate Ave/O'Farrell St. (is that the Tenderloin district?) around 1898-99? I am helping with research for a book about someone who lived there then as a teenager. Anyone got any details?

Thanks, Saskia Raevouri

-- Saskia Raevouri (syrp@earthlink.net), December 03, 2002



The tone of this block has, since 1870, been set by St Boniface Church. Since it was primarily serving a German congregation, we can assume that the neighborhood was heavily German. The church is at 133 Golden Gate and the school was up the block around 141.

Across the street from around 1910 to 1940 was the Knights of Columbus Hall.

Good luck in your research.

-- Kurt Iversen (iversenk@aol.com), December 05, 2002.

named for a choice piece of meat because of its high potential for being exploited for graft, protection, etc.

-- Bill Williams (oceans1129@yahoo.com), December 13, 2002.

The Tenderloin was a district that was never any good. But it never used to be dangerous until the 1970's!

-- MauGo (maugo99@hotmai.com), August 01, 2003.

"tenderloin" is actually a term used to describe a not so favorable neighborhood in any big city. Yet because SF is based on distinct names for each district or neighborhood, "the tenderloin" was given to this specific area of the city, just like "the mission" or "the sunset".

-- jimi campanos (info@tealeafgreen.com), December 20, 2004.

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