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Here is some reasons sean should leave: 1. He destroys boards and takes them over. Go to ask a drunk and look at the stuff he and his fat-ass friend Eric have posted there. Those commie bastards have ruined it. 2. He went on an html shit spree a month ago. All the boards except this one were hit by it. Sean is a trouble maker. 3. He wanted to start a war with all of the boards. He goes around saying "lets have a war. may the best board win." Face it the guy is bad news so RP ban him. You have the power your a mod. Dont tell me "I dont have that power" cause you do. A board did that to a trouble maker. Please ban him. Thanks.

-- Zach (, December 03, 2002


1. I'm leaving anyway. 2.Eric doesn't exist. I just created him so that I wouldn't have to always ask questions. Someone else could do it for me.

I'll leave. I have TSFFC.

-- Sean M. Hall (, December 03, 2002.


-- Zach (, December 04, 2002.

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