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what the hell id THE MAN WHO WAS POE BY AVI cause i have a report on it due tomm and i have no freakin clue. does ne one know


-- Anonymous, December 03, 2002


A young adult book(and on tape too at many libraries!)by a popular youth writer, Avi. Young people encounter this mysterious man who turns out, eventually, to be Poe. As in other treatments, notably the movie with Joseph Cotten, Poe uses the name Dupin(well, he did like tricks of this sort)and solves some mystery with his skills of ratiocination. Almost always in historical fiction Poe is involved in the mystery genre of his own creation. He did dabble a bit like Conan Doyle and others, notably in the mystery of Mary Rogers(turned into Marie Roget in his Dupin detecive story).

Also notably it is a late, alienated, mature, morose and thoroughly alone Poe who is characterized with some drinking evident.

-- Anonymous, December 05, 2002

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