Over the Fence Chat? Dec. 1-7, 2002

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I meant to start this yesterday, then forgot. Oh well, I guess no one missed it!

We had wonderful weather on Friday (only) -- I finished up mowing up the dry leaves. Saturday the cold and damp came back, including a dusting of snow early Sunday. Now, today, we got 2 inches of snow. Well, so far December seems pretty normal. I heard more geese as I was scraping the driveway. I doubt the water in the lakes and ponds has frozen entirely yet, so they may hang around awhile longer.

I didn't go do any shopping this weekend, so I have no idea how crazy it has gotten. But other years, the traffic past here starts getting heavier. And, oh joy, all the people who forget how to drive on snow can now "remember" during the holiday rush. Drive defensively! :-)

-- Anonymous, December 02, 2002


Well, this week has 4 hours to go (at my place, anyway). And no one has even posted here!

I guess I won't start a new one tomorrow!

-- Anonymous, December 07, 2002

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