I need help with a project due the Dec 2!!!!

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I need to anwser these two questions for a project but i can't find the answers. please help me. i only have one day to finish. 1. What was Edgar's greatest accomplishment in life? 2. What was one challenge that Edgar over came in life?

any anwser would really help. thanks a lot!!!


-- Anonymous, December 01, 2002


Poe's greatest accomplishment was what he set out to do, become a monumental and pioneering literary success(if not in monetary terms then in posterity and quality). He did this through his poetry(notably the big hit "The Raven"), tales of high literary merit and legendary popularity, his creation of the detective story, sharp and unsparing literary criticism, championing American literature of quality, innovations and popularizing the literary magazine.

he overcame the challenge of despair on many occasions. Impoverished, orphaned, disappointments, deaths of loved ones that he felt so deeply and kept tearing him away from a family he never had. Despite alcoholism, hypersensitivity and job difficulties with many enemies, he kept his strength and willto live and achieve.

-- Anonymous, December 02, 2002

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