A very educated thought about Emperor Norton

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ok yo here is the scooped and poop onthe totally rad stuff abouth A Tottallye rad man namesd emperoreerper norton the somethin yall no what i like ya thottalye is ya knoew what ime sayin yuoungien. okso i learned he hated chinese and you know whay they say rose tress never grow yall no what ime takin abot. omso ia married a cat and we newver fight exceprabot cat food ya know likwe. adn the dog tries toi cheat on my cat and i ater thaat dog. but hen out of tyhe clear brown poop he came alive and he cheatedr ton me pokere game and my cate food. bout suddenly ysall no what ime sayeina it was like um ya ya ll knowe yoiuuiuuyoiuioungen. in cunclusrion my cat loves me and every nifght it puors cat food all over me ihn bed and i think about emperooreroeroer norton. \

Rock on!!!

from youtrr dearest torteeallye rad dudeeets sirest timmyset el mcbumthe 3rd jr. the 4th senior juniof the 69th

-- Sir Timmy McBum (will_I_Ever_@get_a_life?.ever), December 01, 2002

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