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Anyone knows if this is related to Aeon Flux's Breens: Check out Heinlein's 1952 short story, "The Year of the Jackpot" (anthologized in The Menace from Earth, Signet, 1959) in which protagonist Potipher Breen is a mathematician who tracks odd cycles and develops a theory of periodicity which links UFOs and flying saucers to mass human behavior and which functions at the meta level of personal will. At one point, Breen discovers a church which has reinstituted ritual nudity, "Probably [for] the first time in a thousand years, aside from some screwball cults in Los Angeles. The reverend gentleman claimed that the ceremony was identical with the 'dance of the high priestess' in the temple of Karnak."

-- Ricardo Dirani (, December 01, 2002


Woops, decided to check on Breen on Google to have an idea of how common the word is, and, well, it's not that rare a surname, and I found a much less hermetic reference to Breens here: he Breen are a humanoid race, and stand about the same height as humans [Star Trek VI, Indiscretion (DS9), In Purgatory's Shadow/By Inferno's Light (DS9)]. They have been called a warrior race [Elogium (VGR)]. The Breen come from a planet of the same name, which has a polar environment [Return to Grace (DS9)]. Kira once described the planet Breen as a "frozen ball of ice" [Indiscretion (DS9)]. As a result of their frigid homeworld, the Breen require heavy survival suits to survive in hot climates [Indiscretion (DS9)]. At room temperatures, they seem to get along fine wearing thinner uniforms, along with a beaklike helmet that covers their face [Star Trek VI, In Purgatory's Shadow/By Inferno's Light (DS9)]. Whether or not this equipment is also essential for a Breen's survival remains to be seen. Breen brains are four-lobed, as are Ferengi and Dopterian brains. This makes them unreadable by Betazoids [The Loss (TNG)]. Another interesting part of Breen physiology is that they have no blood [In Purgatory's Shadow (DS9)]. Pregnancy at a young age is not uncommon amongst the Breen [Elogium (VGR)].

-- Ricardo Dirani (, December 01, 2002.

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