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Do forgive my little question of nestalgia, but i was just curiouse to find our when you guys first encountered Aeon. I first saw the show when i was very young. I was no older than 8 or 9 (i was never restricted by my parents on what i could or could not watch) when i first turned on MTV and saw what was in my mind an astonishing peice of animation. i was fully captiated by the shear power of the images which flowed like water across the screen (refering to season 2). Words were not needed to develop the story, the looks and actions and music did far more than speech ever could. How about you?

-- Steven Michalkow (, December 01, 2002


i used to watch liquid television late at night with my friends when i was young, and that was good stuff, i am sure that i saw some aeon flux on there. but i was so young and it was such a long time ago, that i only really remember staying up till like 4 in the morning watching marathons of the third season, and getting angry in the morning when i woke up with the tv on, and realising that i missed half of it.

as a side note, i havent seen any episodes in years, and trying to do research as far as obtaining the episodes. i know there is a dvd (and i figure this has probably been posted before, but i'm not looking thru all that, so i'll risk it), but i know that the dvd doesnt contain all the episodes. i was wondering if anyone had any information as far as if or when all of the episodes will be put on dvd.

i hope i am not breaking any "posting rules" by starting a new topic

-- Acid Toybox (, December 03, 2002.

I first saw aeon flux on mtv back in 95 i think... only saw chronophasia, and back then, didnt realy paid much attention to the show... until recently, that is, when i started downloading episodes.

I get the episodes off of kazaa. Not because im cheap, but because its hard to find them, and sending them over to my country would be... well... last time i checked, anything that isnt a book cost 65$ to be sent to Israel, so...

On the downside, few of the episodes arent on kazaa, so i'll probably never see the ether drift theory and the demi episodes... oh well.

-- zach the new lurker (, December 04, 2002.

I first encountered the show on YTV's (basically the Canadian Nickelodeon's) latenight 3rd-season repeats. This would've been about five or six years ago, when I was in my mid-teens.

It came right after Oddities on the same channel, which I was totally enthralled with at the time. Æon would start just five minutes before Conan O'Brien on the other channel, so I would be constantly flipping back and forth, only catching bizarre glimpses of each episode's progression. At first I thought it was supposed to be sort of a campy shoestring-budget espionage thing, but I'm pretty sure it was the closing sequence of Reraizure that got me hooked on the show once and for all. I think what got me curious initially was the unusual structuring of the sets and characters, and of course that dreamlike title sequence with the eyelashes catching the fly.

I watched the third season several times over the course of that year before they finally replaced it with something else. Years later I discovered SRM's site, bought the series on VHS and here we are!

-- eskimonkey (, December 07, 2002.

Hey now i remember. I first saw AF when they started playing it after Spawn every once a week. I dont know about anywhere else, but the shows commercial started off with the presenter saying, "From the twisted mind of Peter Chung...". Did you know thats what they were saying about you on New Zealand TV Peter?

-- Sam (, December 07, 2002.

I think i was about 12 or so at the time, which must make it 91/92? I don't remember that part clearly. But I do remember staying up late at my dad's house, watching MTV because I didn't get it at home, and Liquid Television came on. It was just a series of little vignettes of wierdness. Being half asleep, I couldn't tell if I was dreaming or awake or going crazy. In the meantime I think all that leather has been latently affecting my sexual tastes :P Aeon Flux only recently resurfaced as a coherent thought and I can't get enough of it....

-- Danger Boy (, December 16, 2002.

I must have been 12 at the time myself, and saw it as "liquid extract" one saturday morning. It was a collection of, I believe, all the season 2 shots. I was *hooked.* The story, the animation, the fast pace, the action! I started taping Liquid TV every night, and I was amazed.

Thats when I snagged the entirety of season one. I watched it again and again, piecing together a story told with flashes, with glances, toyed with, but never explored fully. I became obsessed.. What was the history behind these characters? What was this tall guy's connection to the virus? Obviously the dead guy was the chick in black's target- but why did the white haired guy kill him? or did he die of disease? Was the white haired guy a good guy or a bad guy? Was the chick in black a good guy or a bad guy? And why did her death feel so inevitable from the start?

and here, ten years later, I still ponder these things as I watch. Some things never change, I guess.


-- skye (, December 20, 2002.

Fairly young... I think I only remember seeing the original shorts plus Tide. And up to last week, I've not seen them since. It was when I saw the name somewhere recently resparked my forgotten interest.

-- MostlyHarmless (, December 22, 2002.

I must've been no older than 8 when I turned on my tv to watch some skinny spy in leather spill coffee all over herself, she then proceeded to remove the stained glove and take a bath, at this point my mother walks in and dismisses what I´m wathing as harmless cartoons, but at a closer glimpse she notices the lady with the impossibly huge rack bathing herself. I didn't get mtv in my room again until I was 12, but I would sneak down and watch re-runs, unfortunatly, mtv decided that the only episode worth re-running was the one with the fat baby, anyway, recently I dicovered that locomotion passes old episodes at 2 am. on another note, does any recognize this coffee incident?

-- me (, January 20, 2003.

I first witnessed Aeon Flux in my mid-teens, late one friday night on YTV after the Oddities (The episode with the Suspending Red Liquid). The only television show EVER to captured my full attention within the first 10 minutes. After that I had my VCR set "same bat-time, same bat-channel" every week--of course I always watched them live as I taped em'. A few weeks in, I went to my local HMV and saw the Aeon Flux VHS on the shelf--of course. being as infactuated as I was with the series, I bought it hands-down! Ever since then I have collected the 3 VHS tapes and found the rare DVD at a local London Drugs! In 2000, I went to a 3D Animation & Visual Effects School called Vancouver Film School. To my surprise, my classical animation teacher was an animator on the Aeon Flux Series! Man was I psyched, I mean can you believe it?--a Peter Chung Groupie!!! Well, It's been years since I first watched Aeon Flux but I can still say that it's my favorite show of ALL time. Just can't wait to check out Alexander and The Animatrix! Cheers all!

-- Douglas Kerr (, January 20, 2003.

I saw it for the first time in Junior high. I was sleeping over at a friends house. Being form rural Saskatchewan you needed a Sat. dish to see MTV. So we stayed up late and then the show came on and I was like "Is this good?" he was like "Its Ok, I've seen it a few times.". Well it was the very first of the full 1/2 hour episodes as I was later to realize. I believe that at the end I said "I wish I would have seen the episodes leading up to this, cause I found it a little hard to follow."

For the most part I at the time liked it for the sexual stuff, and the offbeat humour("Shut up mother!"). I had very little understanding and no appreciation of what went into "that fine little program".

Later when a different station(YTV) started to carry it late at night, I found out that there was no continuing story leading into that episode or a any of the others. However I did learn very quickly(within 2 episodes) to love it.

-- Mark (, January 24, 2003.

I recall seeing Aeon Flux back in early to mid 1995. I as 14 in junior high and the show intrigued me because of its incoherent sometimes difficult to follow short takes. Granted no one spoke in the shorts prior to the third season which began later that year but I remember MTV playing the shorts a lot to coincide with the start of the third season which was to have Aeon talking finally. I can remember it like it was yesterday. "Aeon Flux" a new episode tuesday at 11 pm".(re-airings on fridays also) and the beginning monologue."Aeon Flux is an animated fantasy about good and evil, it contains graphic depictions of extreme behavior, viewer discretion is advised." I also remember that Christmas the book was released and then 1996 came and i all went to shit. Almost simultaneously Aeon Flux the Maxx and the Head were canceled and MTV began its skid that remains to this day :(

-- Richard D. N. (, February 12, 2003.

I was a little kid and i was being sneaky and watching MTV (which of course i wasnt supposed to be doing!) and i saw this cartoon. I see this girl in incredibly skimpy black leather and some guy licks this girls face. She gets mad and he claims she likes the black leather girl! *my eyes get big* heehee! i always wanted to watch it again but never could b/c my little sisters were around. I've never seen it since. =( But i really want to.

-- Ashura (, February 19, 2003.

Chuckle… throughout the years some things are constant. I think this is the third time I’ve answered this query, and about the fifth time I’ve seen it in the thread list. Let’s try and make it more entertaining this time around…

I first saw Aeon Flux after a particularly grueling 85 hour sensory deprivation experience locked in the closet of a quadriplegic dominatrix from Cyprus. After she bade her minions massage feeling back into my extremities I was immediately re-immobilized neck deep in a vat of congealing silicone. With cruel precision my Cypriot mistress removed my eyelids with a scalpel (which she clenched between her teeth) so I would have no chance to look away. She then lowered a projector screen a precise nineteen inches from my nose and played the 2nd season episode ‘Leisure’ four hundred and sixteen times in a row. This formed the core of a unique experiment in sexual aversion/reversion/perversion therapy intended to replace my passionate fetish for tentacular invertebrates with a more socially acceptable preference for aneroxic dommes wearing strappy black leather.

Unfortunately, the cruel Mediterranean islander’s plan worked all too well, and after this exhausting ordeal I found her total lack of lengthy, double-jointed limbs entirely unsatisfactory. She explained with a wicked smirk that this was the point of the exercise, as I would now be properly motivated to harness my genius to the task of creating a perfect set of cybernetic limbs for her.

This, of course, would be utterly impossible for me. So, keeping her curiosity satiated by providing her with schematics for a working field microscopic viewer/manipulator similar to Aeon’s, I bent all my energies to finding a means of escape. (After, of course, utilizing my few skills in the field of cybernetics to construct replacement eyelids.)

Success! It took less than a week to analyze the security patterns of her fortress-like lair and determine there was a 36 second window of opportunity while Mistress enjoyed her thrice-weekly soybean oil and vinaigrette deep tissue massage! I was able to bribe one of the ambisexual slave-masseuses with promises of a full tour of my magnificent combination fried chicken farm and bondage dungeon back in Tuscaloosa. Less than two hours later, I was free, accompanied by Honmimbe the masseuse and, (delicious irony!) the Mistress herself, her truncated body well-concealed in an oversized Fendi beach tote, which dribbled sharp-smelling salad dressing all the way to the airport. I easily dispatched Honmimbe by ordering her to fetch us fresh chicken and hot peppers in the Warsaw branch of KFC. Given the poor availability of hot peppers in Poland, I fear she may still be there.

Sadly, Mistress was lost during a baggage-handler strike at O’Hare, and I had to return home without her. I understand she later found a rewarding career in the field of non-motile aerobics instruction. I was left with my cruelly constructed fetish for athletic black haired girls with stringy leather garments and gravity-defying spit-curls. Eventually I was able to locate the rest of the episodes of Aeon Flux, and was able to decode their secret message promising wealth, power, and sexual dynamism to the attentive viewer. Since then I have used the unholy stratagems related to me by Peter Chung to conduct a tawdry and meaningless string of romances with Hollywood starlets, all of whom have been discovered in roadside ditches dressed in bondage gear, stinking of excess hair gel, and babbling that they are still alive but have been made stranger. Isn’t life grand?

-- Charles Martin (, March 06, 2003.

The last time I seen Aeon Flux was when there was a show called "Cartoon Sushi". I think MTV aired it a couple of years ago, but I don't really remember. Anyways, what I remembered was that she like this tall, skinny, lanky, blonde guy, and sometimes, she hated hime. I don't know his name. But I loved the cartoon because it had a girl that basically kicked butt every time and didn't take crap from other living things like humans and aliens. Anyways, do any of you happen to know if Aeon Flux is airing on any channels? Please let me know a.s.a.p!

-- Tevaite Tauvela (, July 12, 2003.

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