Daly City quarry

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I'm looking for any info on the Daly City Quarry, when it started, years of operation, exact location, when it ceased operation, disposition of property. Thnaks.

-- Val Golding (notval@blarg.net), November 30, 2002


You posted this at 8:55 too, right?

I haven't any info at all on te subject. Sorry

-- Piano Man (TheSanFranciscoFanclub@groups.msn.com), December 01, 2002.

I've done some digging around now. Daly City Quarry was operational from 1893 to 1942. The quarry closed at the start of WW2 when all the workers there were drafted to fight the Viet-Cong in Guatemala. It was run by a guy called Paul Calf who was a merciless leader, often beating his most hardest working men with sticks. Saddam Hussein was also involved.

Really, Val, do your own research? What am I, a Bible?

-- Sean M. Hall (TheSanFranciscoFanclub@groups.msn.com), December 02, 2002.

There was a quarry on Geneva Ave. near Carter St. Castle Lanes Bowling Alley was on the site in the 1970's. Currently a development of town houses is on the site, they had a problem a year or so ago when rocks were tumbling down from above. Microfilm at SF Main Library SF News dated 3/1/56 has a story about the dangerous site (Mr.Fixit's column). don't know if this is the quarry you mean, there were probably others in Daly City. City Directories are a good place to check for locations, dates.

-- Betty Parshall (bparshal@flash.net), January 03, 2003.

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