Where can I go?

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I am a woman who is being mentally abused everyday by my husband.I am in massachussettes and am originally from canada.I have no family here and am in desperate need of a place to go and stay till i can get back to canada with my 2 children and myself.If you can help me please forward info to mandy1965@attbi.com

-- Anonymous, November 29, 2002


Here is a number you can call 1-800-799-safe. They will give you shelters to go to in your area.

-- Anonymous, March 26, 2003

i am a woman who is in the same situation like you. my x husbent is harrasing and stalking me emotionly hurting the 2 butiful children i have and i do not know how to get out of the situation its been 5 years now and nothing have change. unfortntly the court sistem is failing to see the abuse and i fill like im alone in this buttel of securing my cildren so please if you have any information that can help me write me to my e mail. thanks vered.

-- Anonymous, April 05, 2003

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