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Are there any free programs for the PC that will let me watch a VCD with the menu's intact? Thanks!!

-- Andre Segers (, November 29, 2002


I found this site through a Google search, I too have been looking for something that will play my VCD menus!!

No luck yet. I'll come back if I find anything!!

-- Tom Parish (, January 12, 2003.

Power DVD 3.0 plays them, but the picture looks blurry with me, whereas they look fine on my sony DVD player

-- Dean Phillips (, January 18, 2003.


How to play VCD on PC? The easy way....

Put in the VCD into the CD-ROM Player.

Open MY COMPUTER(or Windows EXPLORER). Open the VCD folder called MPEGAV, In this folder you find a file with the extension .DAT Right click .. then open PROPERTIES.. In the PROPERTIES window click CHANGE..(this is where you set which program to start when you double click this file later). Roll down until you find WINDOWS MEDIA PLAYER.. Choose this and press OK. then press APPLY and finish with OK. Then go back to the VCD folder called MPEGAV open and double click the .DAT file.....

The film should now start on your WINDOWS MEDIA PLAYER...(fitted on almost all PC`s using Windows as a plattform..

Good Luck Regards


-- Bernt Frode Wik (, February 12, 2003.

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