Was there a challenge poe had to overcome?

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Was there a challenge that poe had to overcome durning the cousre of his lifetime?

-- Anonymous, November 28, 2002


There were many challenges Poe had to overcome in his lifetime. Aside from dealing with the fact that David deserted him and Elizabeth and Elizabeth's death, Poe's main problem was seeking true 'parental love'. He had never overcome his drinking problem, probably due to the fact that even the smallest drop of alcohol can intoxicate him. Throughout his lifetime, he tried to fight depression and dispair, but all of the family whom he knew had died before him. His wife, Virginia Clemm, had poor health and fell victim to many ruptures of blood vessels, and died of Tuberculosis when she was in her mid- twenties. Although, due to the trageties that fell upon him over and over, he still pursued romance relentlessly, always looking for someone to "adopt" him.

-- Anonymous, December 12, 2002

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