poe's life as a reflection of his works

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I'm having a problem with my paper. I'm supposed to connect his works with his life and I found a very useful site. Problem is I didn't copy the site name and has been seaching for it eversince last week. I do remember though that the top of the page writes "How poe's works influenced his life. Please help me even in giving information on which sites to invest time in. Thank you.

-- Anonymous, November 27, 2002


There is a site that purports to answer typical school questions, thesis papers for sale type of site. A more reputable site with contacts to the information itslef is www.eapoe.org. But you seem to have transposed the usual question in an interesting way. In fact, Poe's literary calling may have been part of what caused him so much heartache, poverty and trouble. Some of his works uncomfortably predicted real tragedies that were to come, adding to examples from his past. ("The Raven")

-- Anonymous, November 28, 2002

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