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Hi Someone asked about converting mpe to mpg and the answer was that they are the same thing - both mpegs. The problem I am having is that my DVD player will play mpegs with a mpg extension but not with an mpe and most of mine are mpe.

Is it possible to convert?


-- Mark Emmett (, November 26, 2002


Yes, they are both mpegs, but they could be different /flavours/ of mpeg. One could be MPEG-2 or MPEG-1 or MPEG-4, they could have different bitrates, different resolutions...

Your DVD player might play only White Book VCDs, which would mean that your MPEG must be a certain resolution, bitrate, encoding scheme, etc. My DVD player, for example, will play just about any encoding scheme/resolution as long as total bit rate (combined audio and video) is below 2600.

You can check to find out exactly what your DVD player will play. Also, you can use TMPGENC (it's free) to reencode your non-playing files to something your player will play.


-- No One (, November 27, 2002.

This may seem a bit obvious...but, have you simply tried changing the filename extension from .mpe to .mpg before processing them through the burning process.

I've found that the filename extension is 'checked' before running...and, if an incompatible format...then it just won't even try.

Other than that...I've found that, using some program to convert (Blaze Media Pro is an example) the file to some other format...such as .avi. Then use that program to convert the resulting .avi format file to .mpg.

The issue revolves around who owns .mpg technology. Therefore, you are essentially "laundering" (i believe legally...heheheh) the file to achieve the format you wanted in the first place.

-- Steve (, March 22, 2003.

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