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Hello, I am installing a PowerMac G4 with Mac Os X v. 10.2.2 in a Win2K network with a security system based on proxy firewall socks. (I already wrote the IP address of the firewall and the port number in the Proxy window of network config.) I am haveing problems with sherlock, who sais that he cannot connect on Internet. Apple Software Update does not recognize the network configuration and do not let me automatically update the Os (Internet Explorer can download any software from the Web) Internet Explorer (v. 5.2.2), who can brouse through the web, do not let me print anything (I just finished installing and connecting the correct drivers for the printer under Os X and it works well with all the other software). Obviously all the Wintel Pc works fine with Internet and print all the Web pages without any problem.

Thank you in advance for the help provided.


-- franco guardi (, November 26, 2002

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