What events happened during Edgar Allen Poe's life?

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What happened during edgar allen poes life that changed or affected him during his life. Please list five and in complete sentences

-- Anonymous, November 26, 2002


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ppl died and he was driven by demons

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I feel it was the drinking. It can do some pretty screwed up things to you mentally as well as physically. Too bad though because he was an amazingly brilliant writer. Oh

-- Anonymous, April 28, 2003

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Well, his parents were actors, so he was alone one heckova lot. His parents were killed later and he and his siblings were taken in by a family. He was later sent to a school for boys (i fergot the name) and was expelled. From then on in the course of his life he took up drinking and became one of the greatest poets i nthe course of history. Writing poems like The Raven. He was also the inventor of the detective story. Thus spawning great storys liek Sherlock Holmes.

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Most of Poe's family that was closest to him died of TB. This had an enormus effect on his life and writing. I think it generated his drug habbits and caused him to go insane.

-- Anonymous, May 28, 2003

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Poe lived a dramatic life of tragedy, probably driving his inner self to come about later in life as a demented and deranged soul. Though tragic, he and his works continue to live on, inspiring many other poets and "goths" alike. But, with all that he was exposed to, this may be hard to answer. Were his parents harsh against him? Perhaps. Also, he was deprived of attention, or so I read in a previous post. I too, know what this is like, and it is bothersome. Poe faced many things, one was his gambling that he partook in at his school. This allowed him to be expelled, I believe because of funding... His loss of love may have affected. Did he not have a lover that died? Yes... now that you mention it... I believe he married one of his own family, who died at a very young age. Traumatizing events such as these, as well as his "famous" drunkeness lead to his poor, sad life. Poe was a genius at mind, and who knows, had he lived longer, what other great poems may he have written? The books such as the Tell Tale Heart, or the Pit and the Pendulum will live forever as favorites in horror fans and many others alike. We miss you Poe, you were a great man...

-- Anonymous, July 13, 2003

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there were tons of stuff that changed or affected him, like his dad leaving him at a young age, his mom diying at age 3, not to mention all the other women in his life that he cared about, all of them dying of the same disease.

-- Anonymous, September 14, 2003

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First of all I dont think that the question was stupid at all. I beleive that Poe's whole entire life was litterally beseiged in sadness and demons, eventally I beleive it just got to him mentally. Although his writings and actions were...excentric to say the least, he is and always will be a major part of our American literary histoy. His diverse and creepy writings grabs the readers attention, is that not what writing is there for? Edgar Allen Poe was a nut case, there is no questioning that, but he was a talented, ntellegent and respected nut case, it was due to his up bringing and personal dilemas that caused the way he grew up to be. And to all those people who are swaring and insulting people on this site...do you not have any thing better to do thab to sit on an Edgar Allen Poe site and piss off people? No, obviously not, so in that respect all of the people who are here for the right reasons, take no reaction to your immature, childish tomfoolery.

-- Anonymous, October 03, 2003

i actually dont have a lot of time right now since i am currently working on my E.A.P. report, but i found a good website:

http://www.poemuseum.com/ it has a timeline of all the events in his life including publishings and family deaths that i found extremely helpful. i suggest that you go to it. hopefully this helps.

-- Anonymous, October 03, 2003

i apologize, the web address is http://www.poemuseum.org/

-- Anonymous, October 03, 2003

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To all whom think poetry is gay. You should grab a Book of Poe and Beggin to read his tales of Darkness and Dispare. I used to think Poetry was a Waste but I picked up a random book of poe and began to read for class. i was a shocked you should try it.

-- Anonymous, October 21, 2003

poe was born to travling actors.his father left him and his siblings at birth.his mother died when he was 3 of tb.he was taken in by the Allen family. he got kicked of school for gambling.he ad many fights with his foster father because he wanted to write and Mr. Allen wanted him to take on the family business. adventualy he was kicked out of the Allen family.he then lived whith his aunt Maria.there he became faund of his cousen and her to him(marrying your causen was ok at the time but marring your sister was bad)they married and lived with each other for 3 years. she then died of tb.he was cast into a pit of unhappiness and diea 2 years later.people thaught he had died from a drinking overdouse,like his liver went out,and a broken heart. now though people think that he died of rabies but it cant realy be proven cause he was already dead.

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Oh, and for all of you that need info. heres some: some major events that happend during his life are- The California gold rush, and the battle against the british in 1812.


-- Anonymous, November 05, 2003

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Edgar Allen Poe was an amazing author who wrote from his soul. Edgar Allen Poe was born on January 19, 1809 in Boston to Elizabeth Arnold Poe, an English born actress, and David Poe, Jr., an actor from Baltimore, Maryland.

His life was that of most children until his mother tragically died of T/B in 1811. The young Edgar Allen went to live with his godfather, John Allen, and his wife who were childless. From 1815 to 1820, his godfather sent him to England and Scotland to begin his classical education. When he returned to Richmond, Virginia in the United States, he studied Greek, Latin, French, Spanish and Italian. He was bright, but while at university, he gambled so excessively, that John Allen pulled him out and wouldn't let him continue.

Upon returning to Richmond from university, Edgar Allen Poe was heartbroken to find his girlfriend, Elmira Royster, engaged to another man. He left home once more, this time going to Boston where he published a pamphlet of poems entitled Tamerlane and Other Poems. Some of the poems in this collection elude to his lost Elmira.

Edgar Allen Poe had become incredibly poor. Publishing small works did not bring in the amount of money he was accustomed to living with. Because of his lack of money, he decided to join the army under a false name- Edgar A. Perry. When his foster mother died, John Allen purchased for him a release from the army, and helped to get him appointed at a United States Military Academy at West Point. Before leaving for military school, he published Al Aaraaf, Tamerlane, and Minor Poems. Edgar Allen hated military school, and successfully got himself expelled by being absent from all the drills and classes for a straight week.

Poe went to New York City briefly after this incident, and then returned to Baltimore where he wrote MS. Found in a Bottle and won $50 for it in a contest. In 1835, he became the editor of the Southern Literary Messenger in Richmond and made a name for himself as a critical reviewer.

Now, in his mid-twenties, Poe began to think of marriage. He found himself strongly attracted to his 13 year old cousin, Virginia Clemm, and married her. His poem To My Mother was really written to his aunt and mother-in-law, Mrs. Maria Clemm. He was known to be a loving husband to his cousin of 13.

Poe had a problem with drinking. He was fired from his job as editor because of this habit, and while he did not get drunk often, when he did it was in a public place which tended to make a scene. Contrary to gossip, he was not a drug addict, but instead had a brain lesion. His fevered dreams and intense nightmares came from this illness.

Poe went on to write for and edit many papers and magazines. He was published often, and this is the point where he began to achieve his fame.

During 1845, a famous, yet older poet, Frances Sargent Locke Osgood, heartlessly persued Edgar. His young wife, Virginia, didn't object to this relationship, but "Fanny's" indiscreet writing about her literary love caused some intense scandals.

His wife, Virginia, died in January of 1847. The next year, Poe left for Providence, Rhode Island, to persue Sarah Ellen Whitman, yet another poet. They were engaged briefly, and he had many close platonic relationships with a great multitude of women, of whom he seemed to favor poets.

In 1849, Poe returned to Richmond where he found his lost love Elmira once more. She was now the widowed Mrs. Shelton, and he finally became engaged to her. Yet, even after getting the love of his life, he had yet another incredibly close friendship with a poet by the name of Susan Archer Talley.

October 7, 1849, after toasting a lady's birthday in Baltimore, he began to drink heavily. His heart was weak and couldn't take the stress of the excess alcohol, and he died that day. He is buried, we believe, in West Minister Presbyterian church yard in Baltimore, although there is some question about his place of rest.

Yeah... i had to do a report on him in my English class too... this is some of the info on his life that could help answer some of your questions.... have fun guys :-P

-- Anonymous, November 15, 2003

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Edgar Wrote Many Short Storiesincluding the raven and the gold beetle

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Edgar Wrote Many Short Storiesincluding the raven and the gold beetle w/b somone

-- Anonymous, December 02, 2003

Am I the only one who knows that Edgar was once the president of the United States of America? He is also a manly man.

-- Anonymous, December 08, 2003

People you need to stop spazzing and just answer the question. Well, his mother died at his early age. He didn't have a good relation w/ his father,so he left edgar. All of his love was lost after all of his wives died. so practically his whole life influenced his dark poems.

-- Anonymous, December 09, 2003

ok i think i found some information about him and all the other people who just dont care fuck off ok.

Although Richmond is the place Poe most considered home, Baltimore defines the beginning and the end of his life. Born while his parents, both actors, were traveling in Boston, his family roots were firmly set in the soil of Baltimore and here his mortal remains rest for eternity. His great-grandfather, John Poe, established the Poe clan in Baltimore in 1755, only a year before his death. Poe's grandparents, David and Elizabeth Cairnes Poe, raised seven children and achieved here a place of prominence if not wealth through patriotism, hard work and community service.

When asked about his origins, Poe was fond of saying that he was a Virginian gentleman, but it was in Baltimore that Poe sought refuge when he had feuded with his foster father, John Allan, and was compelled to leave the house. It was in Baltimore that Poe found his future wife, Virginia Eliza Clemm, and in Baltimore that he placed his feet on the first steps of what would be his career for the next 17 years. Perhaps most revealing, when asked for the place of his birth, Poe turned his back on Boston and claimed Baltimore instead.

It was most likely in Baltimore that Poe began his transformation from a poet to a writer of imaginative short stories. By 1831, Poe had published three collections of his poems, with little financial and only minor critical success. Although poetry clearly was and would remain his first love, it seemed obvious that Poe would need to expand his bag of tricks if he hoped to make a living as a writer. In 1827, Poe's brother, William Henry Leonard Poe, published in the Baltimore North American a fictional narrative titled "The Pirate." (Henry, as he was always called, lived most of his short life in Baltimore and published a number of poems and other pieces in the Baltimore North American. For a time, Henry appears to have been employed as a sailor, possibly the inspiration for Poe's Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym.) Perhaps encouraged by his brother's apparent success, Poe began to write stories. By 1833, Edgar had written eleven prose extravaganzas he hoped to publish as a set under the title "Tales From the Folio Club."

In October of 1833, he made an important friendship with John Pendleton Kennedy, who recommended Poe to his friend Thomas W. White. White, the owner and editor of the Southern Literary Messenger, was eager for some assistance in dealing with what he had found to be the increasingly onerous responsibilities of running a magazine. Poe left Baltimore for Richmond, Virginia in August of 1835. He never again made a home in Baltimore, but thought fondly of it and often passed through on business and to visit family and friends. The last of these trips was in September and October of 1849. Much speculation has been written about his final days and everything from alcoholism to rabies has been offered as the cause for his mysterious death at the age of 40. His remains were placed in lot 27, near those of his grandparents and his brother in the Westminster Burying Ground at Fayette and Greene Streets.

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All I have to say is please read his stuff and if not look at other websites about Poe. You will find answers.

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poe died of unknown reasons and the doctors seem to think that it was of rabies and other ppl seem to think that poe dies of alcoholism or something like that but when the doctors went to do work on him he had had all the sympotms that a person with rabies would have. i should know i have been workin on a project about him.

-- Anonymous, May 06, 2004

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you mother fuckers that didnt help at all, you're gay, for those of you who did help, Thanks :-) heres my report, for my english class.

Edgar Allen Poe

Edgar Allen Poe’s Early Life, education, what influences he had on other authors and his death. I. Intro II. Early Life A. Born January 19, 1809 1. Town Of Boston 2. Edgar Poe Original Name B. Parents Came From US 1. Both Actors Mother Died 1811 2. Father Left at His Birth 3. Gained the Name Allen by Foster Parents 4. Went to England for 4 Years III. Education A. First schooling 1. Was 8 years old in London 2. Father didn’t want to pay for it 3. Passed with A’s In Every subject B. After Elementary School 1. Registered at University of Virginia, Feb 14, 1826 2. Studied Latin, Dancing, Spanish, Italian 3. Active Member of Jefferson Literary Society IV. Accomplishments A. Books 1. Boston Published a Little Volume “Tamer lane And Others” 2. Second book in 1829 B. Influences on other Authors 1. Nabokovs 2. Scott Fitzgerald 3. Melville V. Death A. Just Before Death 1. He gave lectures at local Colleges 2. Drank Him self stupid B. Causes of Death 1. Rabies? 2. Liver Cancer VI. Conclusion A. Restate areas of interest Edgar Allen Poe

The life of Edgar Allen Poe was a hard one. many things did not come to him easily but yet he still made things work out for himself, went threw school, paying his own debts, working hard to get his school work done, and helping the nation by joining the US army. In my mind Edgar Allen Poe, was the greatest Author of, poems and stories ever.

This man’s early life was somewhat of a difficult one. His name was Edgar Poe. He was born in Boston, on January 19, 1809. He had two siblings Rosalie and William. Two parents both were stage performers and, it has been suggested that Eliza's greater public popularity, may have resulted in a marriage break between Edgar's mother and father. Eliza Poe died in Richmond, Virginia on December 8, 1811. Historians believed Eliza died of Tuberculosis but, there is nothing to suggest that Edgar Poe's mother, Eliza Poe, died of tuberculosis. She most likely died of pneumonia. Edgar was about three years old at the time of his mother's death. After the death and lost of his father, he was adopted by John and Frances Allen, though he was never legally adopted. John and Frances had no other children. In 1815, John took his family on a trip to England and there Poe went through important schooling.

From 1815 to 1820, Poe’s godfather sent him to England and Scotland to begin his classical education. Enrolled in boarding school at 9 in Stroke Newington, Poe’s success described as superior to boys older than him by John Bransby the head master. After regular school years, graduating from boarding school he went back to Richmond, Virginia and enrolled into the University of Virginia, where he studied Greek, Spanish, French, Latin, and Italian. He was brilliant, but while at the university, he gambled so much, that John Allen took him out and wouldn't let him continue. Poe was also an Active member of The Jefferson Literary Society. While there, he took little part in the debates, a few meetings after joining he read an essay at the Society on "Heat and Cold." He had the opportunity of once substituting as temporary secretary, but the Society can hardly claim him as an official. Within a year the seventeen-year-old Poe was expelled for not paying his dues.

Upon returning to Richmond from university, Edgar Allen Poe was heartbroken to find his girlfriend, Elmira Royster, engaged to another man. He left home once more, this time going to Boston where he published a pamphlet of poems entitled Tamerlane and Other Poems. Some of the poems in this collection compared to his lost Elmira. The Second book he published was in 1829: Al Aafaaf, Tamerlane and Minor Poems. But one of Edgar Allen Poe’s best accomplishments Edgar Allen Poe’s influences on other author’s stretches far, one well know author he influenced was Melville with Moby Dick, Poe’s opening sentence: “My Name Is Arthur Gordon Pym” is close to Melville’s “Call Me Ishmael.” Nabokov’s best novel, Lolita (1955), shows Poe’s influence most strongly. He originally called it the kingdom by the Sea, an allusion to “Annabel Lee.” Many authors even said: “Poe is one of my influences on my work.

Before his death he gave lectures at local colleges, and also went back to his college and showed new students how great University Of Virginia was and how it helped his life. Poe had earned a local reputation as a writer of grotesque horror stories, he had little reputation among the authors of the time. Poe was discovered lying unconscious on September 28 on a wooden plank outside Ryan's saloon on Lombard St. in Baltimore. His death was sad for many of his friends, he would always drink, most people think that he died of brain inflammation combined with alcoholism, almost 147 years after his death, doctors at the University of Maryland Medical Center consider that author Edgar Allan Poe may have died as a consequence of rabies, not from complications of alcoholism. Poe's medical case was reviewed by R. Michael Benitez, M.D., a cardiologist at the University of Maryland Medical Center. His review is published in the September 1996 issue of Maryland Medical Journal. Poe was 39 years old when he died on October 7, 1849. Edgar Allen Poe’s life was complicated and was full of hardships, but he worked trough them to achieve many established undertakings. His poetry was often negatively criticized but like many poets his poetry gained recognition after death. Even though he was an inbreeding pedophile, his poem ands story touched the hearts of millions. Even though has been dead for 155 years his poetry still lives on.

Works Cited Ashby, Martha. Classic Mystery Writers. Chelsea House Publishers, 1995 Leone, Bruno, ed. Edgar Allen Poe Greenhaven Press. Inc. 1998. Buranelli, Vincent. Edgar Allen Poe. Boston: Twayne Publishers, 1977 Poe Museum.org. 5 May 2004. Edgar’s Childhood http://www.poemuseum.org/poes_life/index.html “Did Rabies fell Edgar Allen Poe.” Science News Nov. 2, 1996: v150n18p282.

-- Anonymous, May 18, 2004

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-- Anonymous, May 24, 2004

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I think that most of the ppl that made an answer to this persons question are very disturbed. Like come on, how hard is it to answer a simple question without swearing. I know that is has prolly been over a year since this person made this question but now a year later i'm looking for this same kind of information. ppl after me will prolly be looking for the same kind of stuff so im going to put a more useful answer. Poe did not have a very good up bringing. His father left his mother and his mother died of tuberculosis when he was almost 3. From there he still didn't have a very good upbringing. He was transferred thru a few skools and homes (i don't have all of that info yet.) but even tho he had a very disturbing life he came to write many artworks as some may say. ppl say he was a nutcase. but i believe much different. sure he wasn't exactly normal to most ppl's standards but since when could some1 that wasn't in there rite mind rite so many good writings. im sorri i couldn't be of much help. im still researchin my self. ill prolly have a better answer when im done my report

-- Anonymous, October 11, 2004

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-- Anonymous, October 18, 2004

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there's plenty of valid information YO! you just gotta pick it out. and beside why you looking on sites like this for this stuff. check out some great cool site like wikipedia. someone once told me that edgar allan poe looked really cool during the afternoons and that he sometimes walked backwards. does anybody know if this may be true? if someone answers this i may be able to cure cancer.

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-- Anonymous, November 02, 2004

well, i think the fact that his parents died before he was three had a big impact on his life. and also, did his foster mother died of TB? i've heard that many times but i'm not quite sure. also, i read something that said that he got engaged to some girl, but then had to brake off the marriage. that might have contibuted to his misery and life's works.

-- Anonymous, November 05, 2004

You guys tha come on this website to totally Bullshit around need to get the fuck out. Me, along with many others actually need this information for school work. So justy stay the fuck out! Edgar Allen Poe is the best poet in History and you are blind as a bat if you don't see that!

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-- Anonymous, November 11, 2004

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most people dont know but edgar main influence on writing was from this man named Noland Grissley. noland liked to whale in alaska so he had many tales about sperm to tell to edgar. this influenced stories from the mask of the red death to the raven.

and for the dumbass that says stop swearing. dont be a dumbass. you cant trace shit through fake email addresses

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Do any of u fucking ass holes need help look 2 me. I know a lot of fucking shit about Edgar Allan Poe. Edgar Allan Poe was born in Boston,January 19,1809. If you want to know more go to www.google.com and tipe in Edgar Allan Poe Biographies. that should help u a lot.

-- Anonymous, December 01, 2004

im doing a report on Edger Allen poe and i need all the weird stuff about him and not just him marrying his cousin and all i need some really desturbing stuff well if anyone can help me please E-Mail me.

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-- Anonymous, December 15, 2004

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I believe it was everything all together from lake of attention to everything else that drove poe to some really depressed alone state where he basicaly commited mental suicide and became this really depressed insane soul who knew how to right great stuff....but thats just how i take in all that i hear about him and read.

-- Anonymous, January 01, 2005

Ok, listen up people. I realize that nobody has come to this site for a few months, but if you should, please stop all this swearing. I mean, what kind of person are you if you just can't even answer a simple question without going off like that? Anyway, for those of you who need information, I gathered a load of information that I found while skimming this site. I realize there are fragments and that it is mixed up but - "Born in Boston,January 19,1809 Well, his parents were actors, so he was alone one heckova lot. His parents were killed later and he and his siblings were taken in by a family. He was later sent to a school for boys (Richmond University ) and was expelled for gambling. From then on in the course of his life he took up drinking and became one of the greatest poets i nthe course of history. Writing poems like The Raven. He was also the inventor of the detective story. Thus spawning great storys liek Sherlock Holmes. Most of Poe's family that was closest to him died of TB. This had an enormus effect on his life and writing. I think it generated his drug habbits and caused him to go insane. there were tons of stuff that changed or affected him, like his dad leaving him at a young age, his mom diying at age 3, not to mention all the other women in his life that he cared about, all of them dying of the same disease. EH went insain and he married his 13 year old cousin. now though people think that he died of rabies but it cant realy be proven cause he was already dead."

-- Anonymous, January 26, 2005

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-- Anonymous, February 13, 2005

Okay, I know this was asked almost three years ago but I just wanted to say that Poe is awesome. I'm Gothic and he writes about darkness and death and all that good stuff *shudders at the thought of blood* He's related to me, too. I'm his great great great great great niece and I'm a wonderful poet, just ask anyone who knows me. *smiles insanely*

Some call me crazy...some call me insane...I call me Twisted.

-- Anonymous, February 16, 2005

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