Change in management : LUSENET : MY PENIS : One Thread

This is to inform you that MY PENIS has been acquired by A CONGLOMERATE OF DISCREDITED BUSINESSMEN as a site for POSSIBLE FUTURE DEVELOPMENT. Under the terms of this compulsory purchase the existing moderator PENIS is relieved of his/her responsibilities and will be sent for compulsory re-training in DOMESTIC SCIENCE AND BASIC HANDICRAFT at the dreaded ‘University of Cambridge’.

Dr Philip Greenspun, proprietor of LUSENET, has been informed of this change of ownership by telepathic means. As we fully expected he has raised no objection whatever.

Internet Protocol #440.A(i) has been faithfully observed in every particular ever since we made it up two minutes ago.

All existing contributors to MY PENIS will be re-housed at [NOT APPLICABLE].

We look forward to working together on this exciting new scam, er, project.

-- A Guy (, November 25, 2002

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