Why does prince always sneer at mj?

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hello,i am from china, i am new here

-- Anonymous, November 25, 2002


I've not known Prince to ever sneer at Michael Jackson. I do know that Prince has said publicly on many ocassions whenever asked about rivalry between him and MJ, that there was no rivalry as far as he was concerned. And when Prince was asked by Chris ROck why he turned down a duet for Micheal Jackson single "Bad", Prince replied , "The First line in that song is 'Your butt is mine'. I'm thinking 'who's supposed to sayt that to who?". The implication here is that both singers reached a point in their careers during the 80s that it would have been silly to conjure up some ridiculous rivalvry. About the only thing Prince has ever said that may even remotely be construed as a sneering remark towards Michael, is when Prince referenced Michael's duet with Paul McCartney. THe story goes, one of Howard Stern's staff members managed to make it into a press meeting with Prince, when he changed his name from O(+> to Prince again. When the staff member raised his hand, he simply asked, "Who would win in a fight between you and Michael Jackson." Prince replied with almost no emotion and without skipping a beat, "Michael's a lover-- not a fighter."

-- Anonymous, March 14, 2003

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-- Anonymous, January 16, 2003

The real plain and simple answer about m jerkson is that his face is an ungodly freaky mess. He poured a fortune in to his face and if spent wisely and not selfishly it could have save thousands of lives in small starving countries around the world. Instead it went to very greedy so called doctors who were all to happy to mess up his face and keep messing it up until micheal finally realizes he will never look unfreaky again! He had the gall to be sooo selfish as to take what beauty God HAD given him and rape the beauty from his face and turn it into something unnatural. And I should think that even God himself would weep and use his face as a lesson of woe to those contemplating the same procedure(s)! He WAS black for Heaven’s sake!!!!

You know, I see his music on TV and it so not too bad (self- proclaimed king of POP… yeah right what ever) But… I will not change the channel. I see his moves on TV and they are pretty darn good!... I will not change the channel. I see his timing on TV and they are Perfect!!... I will not change the channel. But I see his face thrusted into a close up on my TV and it is like I am being forced to look at some kind of unnatural disaster… It is such an eyesore! I cannot stand it, it is some kind of visual pollution that I wish I could do something about it but cannot EXCEPT… … I can and WILL change the channel!! And dread the next time he will be on TV.

But still I do know God loves him! and millions do, maybe they are gifted with the gift of blindness or something and can see with their hearts… (?) but I would rather leave unclean things alone and a known child abuser is very unclean!

God bless!

Deksam out. 12/ 21/02

-- Anonymous, December 21, 2002

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