2002 Vote - Is America returning to core values?

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Is America returning to core values, or did conservatives simply outnumber liberals at the poles? Very impressive to hold the House, Senate, & White House simultaneously. What will this allow conservatives to accomplish though? I've never been wittness to a political "monopoly" before...I'm much too young. What should I expect? Will I see a progressive approach to conservative economic & social values, or should I merely expect early "damage" control for the next election? Seems to me that it will be extremely difficult for conservatives to retain this rare position of majority on the Hill...it will be tempting to "tread lightly", for fear of scaring off "moderates". I hope that Republicans in Washington D. C. & throughout the Country take to heart the reasons why Americans chose to give political control to a single party...and I hope they run with it!

**NO GORE IN 2004**

Andy Clements Class of 1993

-- Andrew Clements (aclements311@neb.rr.com), November 24, 2002

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