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I have an avi file that I burned onto a CD using Nero and the VCD format. Nero encoded the avi file and burned the CD flawlessly except the video is upside down and backwards when I play it in my DVD player. The avi file I play on the computer is fine though. What causes this and how can I prevent this in the future?

-- Ken Zenter (, November 21, 2002


What happens if AVI file is 700 + MB .Will Nero split this file into 2,so the encoding can happen in 2 halfs and the file be written on 2 cd's


-- Raj (, November 26, 2002.

I have exactly the same problem !! Via Windows Media Player the film plays OK but when converting and burning to a (S)VCD and playing it in a DVD-player the whole film is played up side down. What is the problem here ???


-- Melf (, November 28, 2002.

I am also having the same problem as Ken. If you guys find out how to fix it, please pass me the info. Thanks!

-- Sam Montijo (, December 11, 2002.

I seem to have the exact same issue. Did anyone try to convert it to mpeg (via tmpgenc or something) before burning it to VCD?

-- Grauwstra (, January 05, 2003.

Same problem here. Tried everything - reinstalling etc, different movies. The funny thing is that it worked fine - made a few movies, then started doing them upside down/inverted etc... as others have mentioned, i have emailed nero with no response.

This is becoming extremely frustrating... Does anyone have any sort of solution yet?!

-- Matt (, January 06, 2003.

I have the same problem!!! Why Does this happen¿¿¿ i also e-mailed nero but i don't think that they will reply.

-- Zack Glanzy (, January 07, 2003.

After some more investigating, i have found that the problem occurs before it is burnt. When NERO is performing its actions, notice how it takes about 30- 60mins to encode the .avi file. Basically it converts the .avi into an .mpg file to then be burnt. What is happening is, when the file is being encoded it is being turned upside down for some reason.... Any other news from anyone?

-- Matt (, January 07, 2003.

If you convert the file to mpeg first before using Nero, this should fix the problem. Using Tmpeg works well, although you may need to use an additional program for the soundtrack such as Virtual dub. See (the site seems to be down right now though) for help on this.

-- Master Voodoo (, January 08, 2003.

Nope, TMPGenc has the same problem. I used it to convert an .avi to .mpg; the preview window shows it fine, but as soon as it's done and I watch the .mpg, blam. Upside down and reversed. Grrrr. Does anyone have ANY solutions?

-- D. Vaxguy (, January 08, 2003.

I just tried to burn a VCD as well today. I used the latest version of Nero and let Nero do the conversion. I took Nero about a 1 1/2 hours to complete the process. I downloaded a VCD player for my comp and when I played it back the pic. quality was perfect but like everyone elses it is upside down and inverted. I'm going to flog Ahead with emails until they give me a response.

-- J. Marshall (, January 09, 2003.

The AVI files you are all trying to convert to MPEG are actually DivX;) and not the usual AVI. You need to find a guide or converter to convert from DivX;) to MPEG. I ran into the same problem and have not bothered to find a solution yet...

Please post if anyone finds an easy answer.

-- Jinx (, January 10, 2003.

download virtual dub(free) and use the filters.

-- Fat smith (, January 10, 2003.

ok, read this forum post:

there are solutions there. try installing nimo (link at the bottom of the post), which contains a load of codecs. the lack of these CAN cause the clip to play upside down.

if this doesnt solve the problem, do as Fat Smith advised, and use a program such as Virtual Dub or TMPGEnc to re-encode. such programs, and all the help and advice you could possibly need with DivX, VCDs, SVCDs, and AVIs/MPEGS is available on

hope this helped Jon

-- Jon (, January 13, 2003.

i have a file, encoded 'XVID' which exhibit's these characteristics i have used TMPgenc and VirtualDub to re-encode, but nero inverts everytime before burning to VCD btw NIMO made some of my MPEG-3 avis unviewable - WiMP just shows green for the visual. Removing the codec pack and installing only the audio codec i needed made things better. Sorry for the lack of specificity, but i really didn't have time to sort through the pack and figger out which one hosed me also - although using a fake email address 'causes a lot of technical problems for the community' leavin a real email address on a web page is just plain spambait - i will not play

-- ann ominous (, January 15, 2003.

This was never a problem until recently. I only experience this problem when the source is a screening version of a movie. That is, when the original source came from a version of the movie that was created for review by the studio before the film is released.

I *think* that the problem lies in the source. I believe that the studios are placing something in the source to prevent illegal distribution.

I have burnt vcd's from avi, divx, and xvid sources without experiencing the upside down, reverse image problem. It is only recently that this began happening. I believe the studios are getting smarter and causing this.

That said, there must be a workaround. Unfortunately it will take someone smarter than I to find it. If anyone comes up with a workaround please post it.

-- phil (, January 22, 2003.

As topicstarter implies, this is not some kind of copyprotection, since he was trying to convert his own video's to vcd. More likely, it is because of the xvid encoding, we all here seem to use. I personally don't like using the 'hard way around'; nero has a near to perfect implementation, so I want to use it. Let's see what nero has to say about this.

-- Roel Jonkman (, January 24, 2003.

I've hit this forum by accident. This is along similiar lines. This weekend i've defragmented my drives for the first time in six months,at first one or two avi files started to play upside down and reversed in WMP9 and Realaudio now all my avi files are affected. This as only happened since installing WMP9. Does anyone know of a fix?

-- bk (, January 26, 2003.

I'm a newbie in this stuff and had the same problem just yesterday. But I have made some a couple test VCDs before, using CladDVD XP for the ripping and TMPGEnc and VirtualDub and VCDEasy for the rest. All worked fine. Yesterday was the very first time I used Nero to burn a VCD from a AVI/Divx file and... it played upside down and backwards.

-- Paulo Teixeira (, January 29, 2003.

As someone previously stated, use TMPGenc. I was having the upside down problem until tonight. You must use TMPGenc to convert your file to either avi or in my case mpg, then use Nero to create the vcd. Nero isn't smart enough to do it all. TMPGenc works. Shout if you have any questions.

-- Matt (, February 07, 2003.

Yesterday I started having the same problem with Ulead MovieFactory. I don't knwo what caused it. To fix it, I selected the "flip" option in MF. It displays the picture upside-down during preview/capture but the actual MPEG looks normal :-)

-- Alp (, February 08, 2003.

I have the same problem before. However, after I re-encoded the avi file to Divx5 format, it goes well with Nero. I've notice that on Nero, after you've selected the avi file, you can do a play to confirm whether the image is upright or not. I've notice that Nero is having some problem handling Divx3 but not Divx4 or Divx5 files.

-- Simon (, February 11, 2003.

i had the same problem with a few avi files i DLed mostly divx ones. nero burned em upside down,,, tmpgenc created files that were too big to go on 1 cd,,,, so i used instant cd/dvd and they worked fine but my only prob is that it is a 30 day trial program:(

-- ged smith (, February 12, 2003.

I am wondering if all of you are having this problem with both VCD and SVCD? The reason I ask is that I am wondering if it might have something to do with a bad copy of the Nero SVCD plug-in. I converted DivX to SVCD with no problem until about 2 months ago and the only thing that has changed is the version of the SVCD plug-in I am using. I am thinking that may be the cause.

I am going to try deleting the SVCD plug-in and also checking my System directory to make sure there isn't an old copy of the MPEG2 DLL floating around in there too. If I get all of them deleted then reinstall the proper plug-in I think that might clear this up since it was working before I tried a supposedly new SVCD plug-in.

I'd like to hear some feedback on this, ie. are you having the same issue with either VCD/MPEG1 or SVCD/MPEG2 and which version of the SVCD plug-in are you using (also did you get your SVCD plug-in from Nero/Ahead or get a cracked copy).


-- ElvesBrew (, February 23, 2003.

Hey people, the fix is easy, uninstall your nimo codec packages and then burn them in nero, I have tested it and it works great!! I split a 700mb xvid.avi file in 2 files using Easy Video Splitter v1.26 then loaded psrt 1 in Nero as VCD useing Nimo Codec package and after the encodeing my playback on my DVD player was upside down and inverted, then i uninstalled Nimo, rebooted and repeated nero with same video clip, it worked fine....Enjoy!!

-- Lee (, February 26, 2003.

I also experienced this problem recently and took the advice posted by "Lee (, February 26, 2003". 2nd time is a charm. Txs for the info.

-- Mike (, March 02, 2003.

after burning it to vcd convert it back to avi then try buring it agian see f it flips it back over the right way> :) still tyrying find a convert that converts vcd to avi... if you find any let me no.

-- morf (, March 05, 2003.

It may very well be related to a dodgey codec. Check this out - rather old but may be relevant:

-- Sundance (, March 06, 2003.

if you have the film up side down that hapens if you got to many codecs on your computer, thy have a conflic,but dont let it show. install only the codecs you need.!!!!

-- excalibur (, March 11, 2003.

dear excalibur, how do i delete and edit codecs? before i upgraded to windows xp, it worked fine. i had right-side up video files. but after i upgraded, it screwed up on me and all my video files (avi) are inverted. which codecs do i need? and which can i toss?

-- ernie hsu (, March 13, 2003.

Would somebody please tell me why everytime i use TMPGenc, i get good results when i play it in my VCD player on my computer, yet when i place it in the DVD player, 14 minuts into the video it gets all "boxy" and "screchy" souding....although when i downloaded the demo of honestech MPEG encoder 4.0, the 1 minute that it lets u encode, the video looked great.....I would appreciate it if anybody would give me the serial and whatever neccesary to get the full version....thanks


-- Kyle Golembiewski (, March 13, 2003.

i had the same trouble but i was trying to do xvid - vcd .. and every time the pic was upside down :( .. then i thought i would have a play about with TMPGEnc .. and i got it to work :D .. i will tell you how now

) Open TMPGEnc and press Cancel if Wizard pops up 2) Go to Option->Environmental Setting...->VFAPI plug-in 3) Adjust the plug-in priorities (this is done by right clicking on the plug-in and choosing Higher priority as many times as necessary) to match the following:

DirectShow Multimedia File Reader.......3 AVI2(OpenDML) File Reader................1 AVI VFW compatibility Reader.............0 CyberLink MPEG-2 Decoder.................0 Microsoft MPEG-1 Decoder.................0 Wave File Reader..............................0 BMP/PPM/TGA/JPG File Reader...........-2 DVD2AVI Project File Reader 1.76+.....-2* TMPGEnc Project File Reader 2.58......-2*

4) Press OK 5) Now you can load your XviD AVI into TMPGEnc just like any other AVI and encode as you wish.

Don’t worry if not all the settings indicated above appear in your version of TMPGEnc just set those that are present to those shown. Make sure you make a note of the original settings, as you’ll need these for ordinary Avi’s. Or if you’re a clever dickey like me.. Have two version of TMPGEnc one with Xvid settings and one with the ordinary settings.

You should now have a fully working mpeg file.

if the movie file is 2 big for 1 cd use virtual dub to split it

then open up nero .. click on vcd ... pick nstc / pal what ever u want ... then click open.... next locate you mpg image and drag it in to the blank box .. under the CDI .. EXT .. MPEGAV....SEGMENT... VCD... files ... click burn ....

now this is the silly part

u should now get a box up saying there is some sort of problem .. then there is 3 things to click on .... Turn off standard compliance and continue ...... re-encode the video file .... cancel ..... click on re-encode video file .... let it do it's job then it will burn to a cd

now it should look and sound ok :D

i no it sounds alot of work ... but it does work :) ... good luck every 1

-- david (, March 22, 2003.

I burn vcd's using Nero to play on my VCD compatible DVD player. I use a regular burner (non-dvd Burner) to burn the CD's. The problem i'm having is my DVD player claims to play VCD, its a samsung, but when i burn a VCD all i get is a picture of the movie on the screen and the movie will not play??? I believe Nero is burning my movies properly but i'm not sure why the DVD won't play it back properly... Once again the Samsung guide does say it plays VCD's... any imput would be appreciated.

-- Scott (, April 03, 2003.

Download ...


-- asdknallfnuioweo (, April 07, 2003.

Here's the final answer! : For all us lazy people who don't want to mess with TMPGenc and other shit, just do this. Download from a program called Nerovision Express, and burn your Divx, XviD or just whatever, and you'll never see upside down or backwards movies. :) peace out!

-- chookie (, April 12, 2003.

are u sure that works

-- ryan (, April 26, 2003.

hai all...

I am having exactly the same problem with this upside down Nero (S)VCD burning. I read through the discussion and decided to download VirtualDub software. I converted (at least i think it was the way how to do it) and it actualy worked well on Nero (no upside down pictures) , but i have another problem, *no sound*. I reckon, the problem lies on "how i convert it". Can anybody give me a manual how to deal with this VirtualDub thingy?


pinky girl...

-- pinky winky (, April 30, 2003.

After reading through all of your comments above, and similar comments on another board, I was trying to work out what the actual cause of this problem might be. I have converted several dozen movies to VCD and SVCD using TMPGenc, with very high success rates. The quality is second to none... whereas Nero is shite when used for encoding.

Anyway, I have an Xvid movie (AVI) I wanted to convert, but for some reason this is the first time TMPGenc crashed -- about 2 seconds into the encoding. I've tried encoding with no audio, thinking the VBR mp3 was the problem, but this made no difference. There is definitely issues with the Xvid codec.

So reluctantly, I tried Nero... encoded the video much faster than TMPGenc (about 2.5 hours for a whole movie)... but at least it worked.

When I played it back in MP, of course the video had flipped over! The quality of encoding really was very average too.

An interesting point here though, is a couple of people have found that the video plays the right way up when they run Nero first. (ie, running in the background, minimised is fine).. So they reboot the PC, run Nero, then load the movie into MP. Weird!! So for some reason, Nero's MPEG decoder is involved in the equation for both encoding and decoding.

When I get a chance I'm going to uninstall all my direct-show filters and codecs that came with the Nimo pack... through the process of elimination I might find the root cause. However I think Nero's MPEG1/2 encoder (.DLL) might have some bugs. Has anyone had any feedback from Ahead?

-- Larry (, April 30, 2003.

Are you all paying for Nero, or using the demo? Maybe they let you burn a few then want you to pay for it. I just started having the same problem after two successful burns, the rest have been upside down. I have not changed anything since the successful burns and have used Nero for the encoding and burning the whole time.

-- dsfsdsdf (, May 01, 2003.

I had the same problem while I was burning a VCD with various video songs. All of them recorded perfectly except one .avi file which is displayed upside down while playing in a DVD player.

-- sunny (, May 01, 2003.

OS: Windows XP

I had the same problem when trying to burn XVID (.AVI) files to VCD format. The video was upside-down, and backwards. The solution that worked for me goes as follows: (1) Remove SLD Codec Pack 1.5 Pro (Beta) (2) Install XviD MPEG-4 Codec (11/25/02 build) (3) Install Audio Codec: AC3 wave format Notes: #2, and #3 are available from , I'm also running Windows Media Player 9.

That's all it took. The VCD created normally via Nero. Now I just need to figure out why the audio is out-of-sync with the video. Any suggestions?


-- Adam (, May 04, 2003.

I did the TMPGenc thingy, and all went well after that :)

This was the thingy:
And here it is:

1) Open TMPGEnc and press Cancel if Wizard pops up
2) Go to Option->Environmental Setting...->VFAPI plug-in
3) Adjust the plug-in priorities (this is done by right clicking on the plug-in and choosing Higher priority as many times as necessary) to match the following:

DirectShow Multimedia File Reader.......3
AVI2(OpenDML) File Reader................1
AVI VFW compatibility Reader.............0
CyberLink MPEG-2 Decoder.................0
Microsoft MPEG-1 Decoder.................0
Wave File Reader..............................0
BMP/PPM/TGA/JPG File Reader...........-2
DVD2AVI Project File Reader 1.76+.....-2*
TMPGEnc Project File Reader 2.58......-2*

4) Press OK
5) Now you can load your XviD AVI into TMPGEnc just like any other AVI and encode as you wish.

-- Tom van Leeuwen (, May 05, 2003.

I've burned several VCD's with Nero without any problems, but the last one plays upside down on my DVD player. The same movie (the origional .avi file) plays fine on my system. Would Nimo solve this? I think codecs are the problem as I removed and reinstalled a bunch to get some movies working earlier today, so it seems likely that the codecs are to blame considering it always worked fine before. Now I'm scared everything VCD will be upside down.

-- chris crocker (, May 06, 2003.

the problem lies in a codec. period. end of story. i use nero on two machines. one is fine one is upside down. the only difference in the two is the codec i installed from NIMO. i just haven't figured out the ones yet.



-- -=GuS=- (, May 08, 2003.

here ya go........... uninstall NIMO. D/L and install DIVX 5 codec and player D/L and install AC3 codec D/L and install XVID codec D/L and install windows media player 9 and extra codecs.

should do the trick

werx 4 me.

-- -=GuS=- (, May 08, 2003.

use virtualdub & tmpgenc & ffdshow 1. install ffdshow, set -> miscellaneous->flip video 2. open the movie in virtual dub, (you can see the movie normally =) now). 3. Save it first as avi in virtual dub. video->direct stream copy, audio direct stream copy. 4. After the saving the movie as avi. Change ffdshow settings remove "flip video". 5. Open the saved avi movie in tmpgenc then convert to mpeg.

hope this helped...=)

-- jiaks (, May 11, 2003.

Yeah, it's how nero is reading the video using your codecs you have installed which is causing the problem. Use the fourCC changer that came with your xvid codec to change the fourCC indexes to divx, which is a much more advanced and developed codec compared to the more recently developed xvid, which is really still in beta. After that, it should work. Please reply if this helped you.

-- Da Wangmeister (, May 22, 2003.

Well, I've used the program Ulead Video Studio 6 for writing VCDs in the past. This works perfectly! if you have avi files, it converts them into mpeg for you, and you can have a screen select if your writing more than one mpeg/avi to a disk. the problem is with writing VCDs of Divx films is splitting it! I don't have a decent program for splitting! Nero is supposed to split somehow according to a friend of mine, but im unsure of how!

Best to try out Ulead Video Studio 6. u can make a VCD look like a proper DVD using Intro video, scene selects, etc... give it a go! i havent had a problem with it yet!

-- Legend Of Stunky (, May 23, 2003.

I noticed many people want ing to burn a vcd or svcd but have no idea how to make it sall enough to fit on one disk! I too had this problem and here is the solution!!!!! Download the latest copy of "easy video splitter" The program couldnt be any easier to use and works beautifuly! I hope this helps and enjoy!!!!!!!

-- kyle737 (, May 23, 2003.

I grappled with this for ages. Fixed it now. The problem is with the xvid codec. Do the following:-

1. Delete the file mpg4c32.dll (in system directory somewhere) 2. Install new codec from here id=2781&op=5

It worked for me. Nero; tmpgenc etc... all work now.

-- neil giliker (, May 30, 2003.

I tried using fourCC charger what do i change it to? div3? div4?

i couldnt figure it out, i put "divx" and it gave me an error, i put "div" and it said must be four characters long.


-- aFeLop (, June 07, 2003.

To solve the issue: As with various experiences the primary issue is the creation of VCD where the picture is upside down. I have taken from ALL and used the XviD (using DIV4). This in of itself may not be the answer. Secondly, I used the NeroVision to burn the CD with success where success is defined as a properly viewable VCD. Whether both or a single method worked I'll leave it up to the other geniuses to figure it out.

-- Raj (, June 11, 2003.

Had the same problem. fix it by splitting the movie into 500 meg lengths and then converting them with EasX video converter.Then burned the converted file as a ISO.

-- Seb (, June 20, 2003.

all u got 2 do is download nero express from or even from a cd and drag and drop the avi or any other file on to the vcd /svcd format, it will take some time encoding but once that is done and burned, your movie will be fine and crisp picture where ever you play it - SIMPLE!!!

-- rizla (, June 25, 2003.


i was also have the same problem with a file that was encoded using Xvid for which nero would always turn up side down.

I used nero express which turned the picture back the correct way but the sound is now about 5 seconds out of sync (too early) My first though was the menu that the program puts at the start of the vcd but i cannot seem to get rid of it. Any one any idea as to how to fix this????


-- Chris (, July 07, 2003.

The solution above (posted by Neil Giliker) worked great for me. It took me about a minute to solve the upside video problem.

Van Smith (

-- Van Smith (, July 07, 2003.

I was having the upside down problem untill I installed nero vision express I allready had a full working version of Nero. I wanted to convert some divx movies to vcd and the vision express addition produces very good quality copies. I would add that I only use Gordian Knot software for making movies and only have installed codecs that come from that's worked for me....

-- stephen frost (, July 07, 2003.

Hum - Seems all is not hunky dory with nero vision express after all...the picture is the right way up - but now the sound track drops off......I'll have to look into this a bit more.....I don't really want to buy the mpeg2 dvd/svcd plug in which is an option when you use vision express.........I might just stick with divx it seems easier by comparison.....

-- stephen frost (, July 08, 2003.

I am not sure on a solution, however, I noticed something interesting. I burned a disc with four seperate pieces, the first one turned out upside down, then the remaining 3 were fine.

The interesting part is that when I select the video and goto properties, under the Menu area where you select a thumbnail for the menu, it will show the first one upside down, and the other three right side up.

-- David Sheller (, July 09, 2003.

Hey guys, Im not sure if this will help you at all, but this is what i found. Im using bsd player and i cliked buy accident an option that says: in the video tab use old rendering mode, ok with this active the play back is up side down, in any of the players. im not sure why nero does what it does but defenitely has to do with this that is called (old rendering mode)what is that system?, could it be just fine to find a new rendering mode to correct the problem? i dont know, but there you go that is my contribution.

Saludos a todos.

-- enrique (, July 14, 2003.

I've got the easiest solution and it just takes you a minute! When the problem occurs, just turn your television upside down. No stress, and it's fun, too! So, give it a try!

Koen Braak

-- koen Braak (, July 26, 2003.

I have had problems with "no soundtrack and picture upside down on movies" however I used NeroVision Express to convert some music video's I'd recorded in Divx format and it converted them ok and burned them to CDR with no problem.

-- (, August 06, 2003.

I finally got the real answer to fix the upside down MPGs!!! I went through the list top to bottom and tried everything. Originally, some AVIs were fine (most) and all MPGs were fine with the exception of a couple that had no audio. Following some directions I had found on another site, I installed the Nemo codec package -- that's when the problem started. Nero appeared to be working and encoding fine but the video was backwards. Using G-Spot, I got the real answer. These were DivX AVIs encoded with the OLD audio standard. Neither DivX codec package or Nemo could help. I downloaded the DivX 3.11 audio codec (a little trouble to find it) and voila no problem any more - everything works - Media Player, Nero and my DVD player.

-- Craig Newton (, August 07, 2003.


-- XavierX (, August 26, 2003.

I have found another way to convert avi files to CD/DVD using will have to acquire the Nero Mpeg2DVD plug in and also Nero Vision Express. By using the Burn Video to a DVD setting it will create Vob files - which you can then burn to disc and should play on your DVD player.

-- stephen frost (, September 04, 2003.

Dudes, I emailed Nero about the same problem with XVids being upside down and backwards. Here's what they sent me: (enjoy)

Dear valued customer,

We have seen this issue crop up a few times recently. We have had a few customers send us Sample AVI and MPEG files that they reported had this issue, but we could not duplicate this on any of our systems using these source video files. We suspect there is an issue with Codec’s from other Recording software or video play back software.

We have found a few of the causes, but these do not resolve everyone's issue.

Cause #1: XVID files - we have been able to reproduce this with XVID video files, and we are looking into a solution.

Cause/Solution #2: DivX_C32.AX driver/XP only - You can resolve this by renaming or moving the driver to any other location, other than the C:\Windows\System, or C:\Windows\System32 directories. This will resolve the upside down playback issues. The only drawback is that you can not make changes to the brightness/contrast and CPU settings of the codec since they are handled by this file. This is a DirectShow filter which does some processing to the image before it displays it in Windows Media Player.

Cause/Solution #3: As this is a conflict with Windows Media Player under XP, go to Windows Media Players Tools->Options->Performance- >Advanced and deselect 'Use Video Mixing renderer'. And this way you can still adjust the brightness etc from within Windows Media Player.

Cause/Solution #4: As this issue appears with the Windows Media Player under XP, you can use another Video Play back software such as PowerDVD, WinDVD, etc and not the Windows Media Player

Cause/Solution #5: For Windows 2000/98/ME, using and older Codec may resolve your issue. Try obtaining a Coded version 3.11 or later for your Windows Media Player. Or for your other capture devices or media Player programs try older codec's from their respective developers.

Cause/Solution #6: For some, using the Divx4 Codec is causing this problem. Try uninstalling this Codec.

Best regards,

Juan Garcia-Palas Technical Support Manager

Ahead Software AG Im Stoeckmaedle 18 76307 Karlsbad Germany Fax : ++49 (0)7248 911 888

-- Pete Hinkley (, September 05, 2003.

The real answer is that the xvid driver turns the movie upside down before you even burn the movie. You can see it by using the divx player. What you need to do is uninstall xvid, uninstall nemo(only if you have that file). Go to and download the free DivX Codec/DivX Player bundle. It has to be the bundle package. and all your answers will be solve. The bundle includes a xvid driver.

Listen to yourself before speaking.

-- lenox (, September 07, 2003.

Here's the link to the free DivX codex/player bundle: I'll let you know how it works. I have only 2 short cartoons to try it on. Later.

-- Pete Hinkley (, September 09, 2003.

Nope. The player won't play Xvids, and when you try to play the Xvids in Win Media Player it says no codecs (of course it does I uninstalled them as per the instructions of the last post from Lenox). The DivX bundle is 5.1 but has no Xvid codecs. Oh well back to the drawing board.

-- Pete Hinkley (, September 10, 2003.

HA! I think I have it. Because I uninstalled the xvid drivers b4, I installed ones listed in another post from here: I then tried to encode using TMPGEnc and they were normal. Woohoo. It is indeed the way the old xvid driver must work with Nero. So, you don't need Nero Express.. just go to Add/Remove programs and remove your current xvid codecs and install the one listed above. Keep a copy of the codecs somewhere in case you need them and the site is no more. I'll try to actually burn them and let you know how it goes.

-- Pete Hinkley (, September 11, 2003.

I downloaded ffsdshow.exe from group_id=53761&release_id=127438

It overwritten my ffsdshow installed by nimo (i think). After installing ffsdshow.exe i went Start -> Programs -> ffsdshow - > configure and in configuration window i went "Miscellaneous" and turned on "Flip window" option.

It solved following problems

1. Green mess i used to have when playing avi files (after installing nemo) 2. Upside down video after burning VCD in Nero. 3. No Audio in avi files (that was happening before installing nimo)

But there are following problems 1. Now avi files play upside down on my computer (VCD burns fine) 2. The quality of VCD is very bad. Jerks and slightly out audio. Im not impressed!

There got be a solution a real one!

Lets find it

-- Shahzad Zafar (, September 13, 2003.

my problem is a little bit different...

- i export from AVID a quicktime reference of my timeline... - that's the fastest way to get a .mov - then i burned it with Dvdit SE - only the files from avid were inverted and not others that i tried like avi's ....

someone as a idea?

-- soche (, September 23, 2003.

Convert AVI to MPEG-1. try this work for me trial version

-- morf (, October 08, 2003.

ok,i also had problem with xvid avi movie nero doesn't work well,mirrored and upside down.

try this,first use tmpgenc convert avi to mpeg file second use virtualdub to extract sound from avi then third use tmpgenc again as follows

load video as movie.mpeg load audio as movie.wav

finally start encode again. it should work perfectly. i had tried 3 different movies and worked great

hope this help

-- uncle_oun (, October 08, 2003.

I used to use nero ONLY to covert from an avi or divx, I have just about every codec you can imagine in my PC, but recently nero has said theres a problem with encoding, so I try to encode them with varoius programs , all mentioned in this forum, all of them are out of sinc with voice and picture, nero NEVER was. I found that VOB dvd.vcd creator, turned them uposide down, yet if yo uclicked preview they were fine, but not all programs did, I have yet to find one that gets the voice and puicture in sinc again, gawd knows why nero all of a sudden stopped doing it!

-- DJBoogie (, October 09, 2003.



-- XavierX (, October 12, 2003.

I tried the changing the FOUR CC to divX like XavierX suggested and I still got an inverted picture when I burned the file to SVCD through Nero...

-- sman (, October 23, 2003.

Well... the xvids will encode using Nero now. I used the codecs xvid- 24062003-1UNSTABLE. But now I can't encode DivX Mpg4 v3 using Nero. I also can't see video in Windows Media Player when the DivX Mpg4 v3 mentioned file is opened in WMP (got audio though). However, just download TPMPEG and encode using that program. You can burn the result using Nero no matter what file it was originally. TPMPEG works great for me so far. Of course I was only burning cartoons and concert clips so they're all small. Larger files will need to use VirtualDub (it's free)to separate out the audio of longer files so they're in sync. It looks like the xvid codec messed up the DivX codecs in Windows somehow. I tried every DivX codec too trying to get one to work with the working xvid one and nothing worked. Oh well. I just use TPMPEG and VirtualDub now. It's an extra step but at least I'm not gonna come back hours later and find an error about encoding and codecs.

In reply to Mr. XavierX: Most computer savvy people would realize the problem with your reply. No one can possibly predict the infinite number of outcomes from just a few computers. Even computers built by the same manufacturer are different and will respond differently to different stimuli. After the computer is used over time by one user, it becomes even more variable (what drivers did you install? what upgrades have you done? what OS do you run? what patches have you put in for that OS? what peripherals are installed and with who's drivers? when was the last time you did Disk Cleanup, ScanDisk, Defrag, or a format? etc.) Working at Help Desk helps you understand this. Your solution works great for you and it is good you posted, but it is apparent that it doesn't work on everyone's machine. So please don't be so hard on the posters here, dude(ditch the caps too).

-- Pete Hinkley (, November 10, 2003.

No offense, but you're all idiots who installed the Nimo codec pack, and those that said uninstall it... did you even read it? of course not... when you are installing the codec pack, it says at the start "Do not install the Bicubic Resizer Filter id you do not have any problem about video upside-down." for the record, i'm one of the idiots, I installed it too hahahaha

-- CLINT VANDER KLOK (CLINT@CLINT.CA), November 24, 2003.

Ok same problem, new wrinkle....

There seems to be alot of bad codec talking, I recently built a brand new box and loaded a fresh copy of win 2000. (did all updates through sp 4 but not media player 9.) I have a movie in xvid format which plays fine after downloading the new divx player 2.5.1 from divx's website. There is alot of mention of Nero, I dont have nero installed, I get the upside and reverted problem simply when I use EasyX video converter to convert to a svd format. Originally thinking it was a bug in the problem I used other conversion programs that got the same result. From this I can only predict that it is truely a bug in the way (1) The movie was coded with a bad version of xvid? Or (2) The way conversion programs call to the xvid to export the raw video to the program. At this point I am going to try one of the above and seperate the video and audio and dubb it back together, just seems to be alot of work for what should be a simple fix.

A question I have though, if there is indeed a bug with xvid version x.x.x, if one installes a new version of xvid shouldnt the problem correct it self?

Just my 2 cents.


-- Chris (, November 26, 2003.

Oh yeah, in reply to XavierX's passion for being a moron, I tried this and got no effect, in fact the only thing it did was change the video into a huge rainbow blur, probably the same thing you call a brain.


-- Chris (, November 26, 2003.

I realised that what somebody said before actually works! What you need to do is the following:

Start> Programs> Ffdshow> Configuration.

Once you've gotten there, look down the list to where it says "Miscellanious". Once you open this menu, there is an option at the top which allows you to flip the film. Tick the box "flip video".

Once you've done this, use Nero to burn your VCD. Worked for me, why don't you try it?

If you need "Ffdshow" then go here to download it: 20030103.exe

-- Alex (, November 29, 2003.

Very sorry about my last post, the link I posted was wrong, use this one for ffdshow: 20030103.exe

If this link is dead by the time you need to use it, search for Ffdshow download at

-- Alex (, November 29, 2003.

Question: VCD upside down after I burned all 22 episodes with Nero and I deleted the original sources. I have 22 vcd's that are upside down, can I re-encode the mpeg file some how with some program? Any help is welcome. :)

-- BOYROID (, December 29, 2003.

First and upmost there is a very worthwhile program to download to check which codec you need for your avi/xvid file.

This tells you which codec is needed or if you already have the codecs installed it tells you which ones are compatible with the file. If there are several compatible codecs its probably safe to delete the dodgy older ones. (W98 = contol panel/multimedia/devices)

Moving the direct show multimedia file up the pecking order is a must for tmpgenc.

Easy x video converter has an option to reverse the frame if you right click on the file.

Nero crashed every time I tried converting so I dont bother using this software for conversion. Leave it for what its good at. Burning.

Cant comment on nimo codecs pack cause I've never used them. I just download codecs that gspot advices me to get for a specific file.

I am no expert so don't email me for advice. Just going off personal experience and thought I'd add to an already very long thread.

Summarising Have the right codecs and don't convert with nero.

Have fun you dodgy burning crew.

-- kc (, December 29, 2003.

My suggest use some AVI to MPEG conversion first then burn it with NERO, its faster and more stable, better quality

-- ANDY_VU (, January 15, 2004.

My problem was very similar. I downloaded an avi file, that was recomended to be by a friend. The friend sent me a link to it via e- mail - so I know that the file is OK. I tried to play it in MP9 but it was upside down & back-to-front. I also checked several other avi's & found the same problem. All of the files would play correctly in DivX 5 though. I went to add/remove programmes & removed all codec's that were listed there. I tried the files again & they all play correctly in both MP9 & DivX.

Hope this helps :-)

-- Rick (junkmail@tun-wells.con), January 18, 2004.

The answer is much more simple than all that!! - uninstall nimo codec pack!

The Nimo codec pack interfers with Windows XP's codecs, thats what reversing the image...

It worked for me anyways :-)

-- aske scharling (, February 01, 2004.

Hi guys -

I've never before seen so much misinformation collected together in one place as on this thread. Good Grief.

1. There's nothing wrong with Nimo, just that the version of XviD that comes with it produces (sometimes) upside-down video.

2. There's nothing wrong with Nero, although there must be something wrong with anybody who uses it, particularly for encoding.

3. XavierX is right about the fourcc changer, it can force the system to use another compatible codec to play back the clip, but result may vary with your codec collection. Didn't work for me this time, but has before.

4. ffdshow does everything imaginable, including turning pictures right-side up.

5. TMPG in variable bitrate mode is the only way to make any length movie you want fit on one MPEG1 VCD. I've got Lord of the Rings on one CD; most DVD players are happy with it. Email me and I'll tell you how, or send you some of my presets.


-- Bernie (, February 04, 2004.

i had same problem when nero previewed a video before it encoded it. It would play it upsidedown so i thought that i would intsall old xvid codec as i had not had problems with the previous one.Sorted problem:)

-- The Shadow (, February 22, 2004.

I had this problem myself with avi/mpeg's playing upside down, but I have now resolved it.

All I did was remove Nimo v5.0 Build 9 beta1.exe, and install Nimo Codec v5.0 ""build 7"" instead, all is fine again...........Well for me it is..........I hope this maybe of help to someone.

BTW the email address is not my real one.

-- (, February 23, 2004.

The problem lies i the way nero seems to cooporate with the codecs installed on the computer. i tried installing nero after at compleete formatting of my hard drive and it worked perfectly BUT as soon as i ran windows update and updated wmp and installed my ACEcodec pack it was upside down again. the hint with ffdshow 8flip pic command)worked for me thoug.

-- Hans (, February 26, 2004.

i have an answer for you guys : VCDeasy, works well, many options to customize your vcd, just make sure your files are encoded with tmpgenc first

-- pascal l (, April 19, 2004.

I have the same exact problem. I have a theory as to why it's happening though. I think that when some of these idiots encode the DVD into an AVI file, they use XviD instead of DivX. XviD is not as well known as Divx nor are there as many codecs out there for it. I have 4 files right now that have this same problem. I tried downloading different versions but I think they're all XviD. TMPGenc won't even open these files. WinMPG will encode audio but leave the screen blank. I will try some solutions and see if they work and get ack to you guys. See if we can fix this pain in the butt.

-- Matt Baer (, May 18, 2004.

Simple, just turn your TV upside down. Problem solved!

-- Anonymous (, May 31, 2004.

Well i had the same problem after a night of waiting around (not too sure why it takes so long) i went to finaly make the vcd and it was upside down but i used HT MPEG Encoder 7.0 and there is an option ( a check mark box) that you can click to "turn it upside down" if you click it it goes right side up

-- Nick (, September 27, 2004.

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