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Hi. I had to try shooting infrared, so I did. Of course, first and foremost, I think I overexposed the film when shooting. ISO was a 50 and speed was at 30. Rediculous, probably. However, I went ahead and processed the film in my darkroom using T-Max for about 7 minutes...then to stop bath, then to fixer for 8 minutes. Upon taking the film out of the tank, the negs were way too dark, though I could easily make out an image, and my silly question is, what is all that slimy gick on the negative...and is that supposed to come off or stay on or what? I noticed by barely wiping some of it off, the negative began to look like it was going to be beautiful. Then I wanted to wipe off more of it and instead wiped EVERYTHING off, including the images! Please help tell me what I did wrong, need to do, etc.! Also, I read something from Konica that I needed Acid Hardener with my fixer...what it didn't tell me, is how much of it and what exactly "acid hardener" does in fact do to the negative.

Any information on developing Konica 750 infrared would be greatly, greatly appreciated!!!! Thanks!

-- John Armstrong Coulter (, November 21, 2002

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