Why did Edgar Allan Poe write the poem Alone

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basically i won't to know why Edgar Allan Poe wrote the poem Alone it's for a English oral and i would like any help you can give me Thanks Kylie

-- Anonymous, November 20, 2002


A rare and very early biographical poem on his favorite biographical topic, his inspiration. In two parts he describes his unique and lonely state as a sensitive individual. That part goes with wrap around verses into the powerful verse "I loved alone." Then he nails a special moment of intense revelation when nature appears to mirror that very soul of his, the cloud in the empty blue sky. What he is trying to convey without being didactic or analytical is the awareness of the artist as a young boy of himself and his raletionship to the world. It is an emotional picture that preserves the pre-verbal awe of the child and the backward recollection of the man with the tone of fated sadness and awe preserved throughout his life.

Without getting philosophical he is showing his inmost and earliest artistic soul in all its emotional power so the reader can experience it as through the eyes and heart of the child.

-- Anonymous, November 21, 2002

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