Wiring Shinohara Double Slip Switch in code 83

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Hello I need help! I have a situation on my layout where I am forced to use a Shinohara #6 double slip switch! I read all the recommendations to avoid their use like the Plague, but I cannot. All my engines are Kato, Atlas, Proto 2000 Diesels, minimum 4 axle, run in 2 unit sets, so powering the frogs and all the small pieces is not necessary. Still, I need a basic way to hook it up! I have Tortoise machines that I can use to switch the power if required, but sadly, have no clue. It needs to be done and any and all help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for your consideration. John Green

-- John Green (jdgreen@silk.net), November 20, 2002


I, too, saw all the warnings and was a little concerned, then I took a close look and found that it is really VERY simple. (Ochams Razor type stuff.) If you hold the double slip upright like an X just wire everything on the left of the frogs together and likewise on the right. Cut the two crossing rails about 1/2 inch inside both frogs and fill the gaps with Epoxy, filing or griding it to the rail profile after it has set for a day or so.

This is, of course, assuming that you do not have a reverse loop passing through the double slip. I have mine on one side of a double track line to allow for a double track diverging route into a yard.

I keep the polarities of both track the same, so there is no issue of shorting what so ever. Email off list if you need more detail

-- Bob Clegg (BobcatCS@comcast.net), November 21, 2002.

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