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Hey im trying to do an assignment on shopping trolley racing and I cant find anything on it anywhere! Would guys please be able to tell be about it and if you have pictures give them? Thanks, Andrew

-- Andrew B (, November 20, 2002


I go trolley racing its cool. Basically u go down big hills and ram you self into a curb so u fall into a hedge or summit. so all you do is hurt your self i am currently taking pics i will send them when i have them developed i will send u them!

-- Andy (, March 15, 2003.

Hi there, me and some friends have started a new thing called DONKEY- BUTT. the hole idea of it is thinking out crazy shit and then doing it randomly. we like the idea of trolly raceing are are going to attempt it this saterday, we will be filming it and taking some photo's we will put them on our site.alon with the other stunts that we have done. we have 3 houres of footage so far and are producing a video that will be for sale soon, in the meen time u can check out some of the stuff that we have dont and going to do on our web site the addy is and

-- Comfy-king conbop (connor harkins) (, September 17, 2003.

I just thought i let you all know that i have set up a league in newbury, It involves a 40metre track and the current record is 8.27 seconds so if anyone would like to join please contact me by email and ill get back to you. cheers James

-- James Holland (, September 21, 2003.

yo, the record now is 7.75 seconds \m/

-- james holland (, September 30, 2003.

I am planning for a shoping trolley racing event at Guildford college as part of a assignment would anyone like to take part? (shoping trolleys are provided!) R.S.V.P for more info 30.9.03

-- Mark (, September 30, 2003.

Well I customised my Trolley. I put brakes on it and a board at the front to stop the air from blowing me out. It goes so fast! I had a old shopping trolley but i ran into a car at a T intersection at the bottom of a hill. Anyone want to come out with me tonight? I am going to steal a kiddy trolley!

-- Trolley Racer (, April 08, 2004.

i've put metal sides up around my trolley and installed neons i was racing i just missed the car and hit a pole he wasn't so lucky the stupid fool.

-- sammy dickhead (, April 08, 2004.

Hi every body ecspecially u Shauna ive been racing for 2 years now a few weeks a go i was in acident while racing a bike down a hill. My new trolley is sik it has 4 tyres my last one only had 3. Its got brakes a body mags and a rear spoiler it goes fuking sik ive hit speeds of 45k an hour without nos but with nos amazing speeds of 75k i would like to thank every body for donating there cans to me which made it possible to get my new trolley. THANKS AGAIN AND SHAUNA I LOVE U SWEETY

-- Chad Celik (, April 08, 2004.

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-- JACKSON MCKOSKER (, April 08, 2004.

hi my name is chad celik and im a dirty mish kid and i love to race trolleys there like cars but there cheaper thats good for us mishas thats wat i heard i wouldnt no ive never had a car but i have a fuking sik trolley it has 4 wheels and fully sik sports kit on it it looks sik me and my dirty slut of a mum put head and tail lights and brakes i need brakes after my accident a few weeks ago. on the bottom of my trolley i have put a matress so i can fuk my FAT ASS mum in it. she is the best root except for JASON MURREL AND MATT LOGAN in a threesome now that is FULLY MEGA i hope to see u in one of the TROLLEY RACE MEETS ill win coz my trolley has NOS FULLY SIK im the TROLLEY KING mate

-- CHAD CELIK (trolley_racer@bilo.mish), April 12, 2004.

why the fuck does it say SHAUNA I LOVE YOU SWEETY?

-- Guess (, May 07, 2004.

The missus don't let me out no more so the only fun I get is when she sends me out to sainsburys with a list to do the weekly shop and I can race that trolley round the isles. I love it and tried the local tesco's for a change last friday did two laps in under 10 minutes including shopping and checking out. I find it even more challenging if you try it with one of those trolleys with the dodgy wheels.

Shoe Shine Sax

-- Jonathan Saxton (, June 28, 2004.

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