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I have a sony digital still camera that also has movie mode. I have several movie clips stored on my hard drive, avi format, I guess. How to I burn them using EZ cd creator and burn them to CDR and then play them on my DVD/VCD player. I tried burning them and program says "does not accept this format, need to be encrypted". I would like to know if a program exists that will do convert to correct format (easily) and then allow you to burn them on a CDR so you can play them on your DVD/VCD player to watch them on TV. Thanks Elise

-- Elise Harley (lorhen52@yahoo.com), November 19, 2002


There is many programs to convert avi file to VCD format file (mpg file), you can try with (Ulead Media Studio Pro 6.0) to convert the files.

There is a plugin for (adobe premiere 6.0) program wich make it to export the moves as (mpeg file), this plugin named(LSX MPEG PLUGIN).

Then you can burn your VCD by (nero) or (winonCD) or (easy CD creater 5.0)

-- chako harki / kurdistan (chharki@yahoo.com), November 20, 2002.

dear sir, how are u. sir,i have digital sony camera,and when i record film to cd via computer.kwality is very bad.you can tell me ,how i can make good kwality films.camera to computer vcd. thanking you. daljit singh

-- daljit singh (nippybrigitte@hotmail.com), October 23, 2003.

From a Sony camera, you can convert either an AVI movie or a Video movie.

With an AVI movie, the camera should output the movie in a 480x640 size in order to be working and clear when converting it to a VCD.

or, convert a video movie using for example Click to DVD or 1 click to VCD.


-- Daniel (dandon_man@yahoo.co.nz), December 27, 2003.

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