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This is a list from May 24, 1964 Examiner. These people were all victims of a fire at All Hallows Church on May 23, 1964. If you know any of these people, I would like to talk to them. My mother and father were also in the fire. I would like more info if possible. Tavita Fa'amai Tuiagamoa, 26, 929 Northridge Rd. Toa Tiapola, no age, no address. Tumatasi Victor Malepeai, 29, 96 Navy Rd, Faaaoga M. Auelua, 27, 325 Harbor Rd Vincent Larat, 33, 3983 18th St Sula Baiza, no age, 344 Bacana St. Wayne Sulu ,39, 263 Edin-burgh St. Traina Tally, 26, USS Commanche, Coast Guard. Tony Leosa, 20, 119 Gavin St. Penenetta Pelelina, 38, 1465 S. Van Ness Ave. Maria Himphill, 38, 118 Victoria St. Richard Meredith,35, USS Coral Sea, U. S. Navy. Charles Barr, 48, of Ellis Brooks Chevrolet. Faasamoa Opelu. ;23, 410 Eddy St. Laurence Smith, 40, 723 Sweeney St. Foimai Leosa, 49, 119 Gavin St. Naitivad Larob, 34, 3983 18th St. Reseo Courtney, 20, 219 Anita Rd. Oli Matua, 19, 28 Nordboff St. Bernadette Leiata, 23, 639 Mos-cow St.. Ruby Wong,22, 47 Spofford Alley. Mahuia Sotoa, 29, 9 Pali Rd. Talaniko Talivoa, 23, 340 Bra-zil St. Christina Cassidy, 18, 639 Mos-cow St. Margaret Smith, 37. 723 Sweeney St. James Edwards, 20, 161 Saga-more St. Tini Opela, 24, 208 McKinley St. Ray Milson, 21, 35 Brookdale Ave. Vadea Faagau, 44, 40 Britton St. Punipuao Maleplai, 40, 219 Northridge Rd Margie Ornales, 14, 15A Heyman St. Dolores Aragon, 33, 69 Esquina Dr. Aomalo Suesue, 22, 146 Deharo St. William Brady U.S. S. Chicago, US Navy. Aida Taltvaa, 34, 3944 18th St Nikolao Talivaa, 27, 3944 18th St. Leni Lelea, 27, 214 Clara St. Seacesi Samatua, 35, 482 Northridge Rd. Thomas Connolly, 25, 672 Paris St. Felutoga Silifiarda, 29, of 235 C2 Candlestick St. Timothy Cassidy, 49, of 639 Moscow St. Uiese Vaefaga, 32, of 573 Scott St. Temukisa (Mrs. Uiese) Vaefaga, 21 Harold Trott, 26, of 329 S. E1 Dorado St., San Mateo Robert Orton, 34, of 1726 Lincoln Ave., Alameda Fee Tafea of 124 Navy Rd. Pago Taesali, 42, of 200 Amour St., South San Francisco Peletina Peneuta of 1465 S. Van Ness. Floyd Burke, 4598A Mission St. Reopoamo Tafat, 222 Plymouth St. Michael Aragon, 69 Esquina Dr. Dolores Aragon, his wife, Same address. Neva Abrams, 406 Vienna St. Charles Brooke, 1618 Revere Ave. David Quiane, 40 Britton St. Howard Hemphill Bafoa Tavake Taeario Lefiti Tafao Aiva Edwin McMullin Mrs. Tafaoga McMullin, his wife. John J. Fonai Sinoalo Fhupepo Kita Lealo A. Osamalo Madeline Levy

-- Felicia Kroetsch (, November 19, 2002


felicia, department of electricity was housed with the fire alarm at the time of that fire. central fire alarm has moved since then, it was down by where the cathedral is now. the calls that came in to the fire alarm were recorded (it seems to me they were on phonograph records). i was in my early teens and remember the fire god father had been baptized in that parish very long ago. i was in the fire alarm with my father one day shortly after the fire and one of the dispatchers began to play the fire call for someone while we were there. my dad immediately had him turn it off and took me out to see other areas. i don't know if the recordings still exist or if the required retention time has long since expired. you might try contacting d. of e. or central dispatch to find out...though you may not want to revisit this. the fire was a terrible tragedy...but much good came from it in terms of preventing future losses. many changes in fire code and fire code enforcement ensued. though it seems like a short time ago in memory, our awareness of safety as a systematically enforced process was almost non-existent then. that's no exchange for the suffering and loss...but i truly believe that the all hallow's fire and the 1959 school fire in chicago prevented innumerable future tragedies.

-- chris (, November 20, 2002.

Felicia,my parents are howard hemphill(himphill)and maria himhill.they were injured in this sister pesio courtney,was also brother pelenako himphill died in this fire.I was on a troop ship back from germany when the fire happened.when I arrived in ny,I was rushed home.upon arrival in sf,I buried my brother and attented my parents and sister in the many families and friends were injured and died in this fire that it was a very sad time for the Samoan community as a

-- mike h.himphill (, January 07, 2003.

Felicia, My aunt and uncle Tafaoga and Edward McMullin were burned in the fire, they survived but my uncle died 15 years later do to complications from the fire. My auntie Tafaoga is still alive and still have the scars from the fire. I am working on a documentary to remember those who parished from the fire. I would also like to have a memorial on behalf of the Samoan Community. The Samoan community is one of the biggest community in the Bay Area, and yet little is written on the biggest disaster the Samoan community endured. Maybe I might have some information about the fire that would be of use to you. Please email me and I will try and contact you. Faafetai and Manuia le aso. Thank you and have a nice day. Faafeu Guthrie

-- Faafeumalo E. Guthrie (, January 15, 2003.

Felicia, I'm Mike's younger brother, James. I was there the night of the fire and can still recall some of shock and horror of that terrible evening. I was nine. As my brother Mike mentioned, most of our family and many of our relatives experienced death and suffered burns and sorrow for several years afterwards. From old newspaper clippings and family photographs I remember that 5 people died that night, and 12 others afterwards in the weeks that followed. Life went on though, and most people I knew healed, except for permanent physical skin graft scars. A memorial or movie of this tragic event would be sad, although perhaps significant for the History of Samoans in California.

-- James Himphill (, August 31, 2003.

Felicia, I was only 5 at the time of the fire but my moms brother Richard Meredith was burned in that fire. He is alive and well living in American Samoa. He does have the scars along with the memory of what happened. My mother might be able to help with some questions. Let me know if I can help. If you would like to get a hold of my Uncle I could give you his PO Box

-- Linda Auimatgi (, December 11, 2003.

Neva Abrams passed away May 2004.

-- Aurora Chancy (, July 28, 2004.




My name is Mr JOHN GEZI the elder son of Mr. ANTHONY GEZI,of Zimbabwe. It might be a surprise to you where I got your contact address, I got it from South African information bureau. During the current crises against the farmers of Zimbabwe by the supporters of our President Robert Mugabe to claim all the white owned farms in our country, he ordered all the white farmers to surrender their farms to his party members and their followers.

My father was one of the best farmers in the country and knowing that he did not support the presidents political ideology, the presidents supporters invaded my fathers farm burnt down everything, shot him and as a result of the wounds sustained, he became sick and died after two days. And after his death, I with my younger Brother decided to move out of Zimbabwe for the safety of our lives to South- Africa.

BUT, before he died HE WROTE HIS WILL, which reads "(MY BELOVEED SON ,I WISH TO DRAW YOUR ATTENTION TO THE SUM OF ($25,000,000=00). TWETY FIVE MILLION U.S DOLLARS WHICH I DEPOSITED IN A BOX WITH A SECURITY COMPANY IN JOHANNESBURG (SOUTH-AFRICA). IN CASE OF MY ABSENCE ON EARTH CAUSED BY DEATH ONLY". You should solicit for reliable foreign partner to assist you to transfer this money out of South Africa for investment purpose. I deposited the money in your name and it can be claimed by you alone with the deposit code. Your mother has all the documents. Take good care of your mother and brother.I will be very grateful if you can assist us. I with my younger brother are now living in South-Africa as POLITICAL ASYLUM SEEKERS and the financial law of SOUTH-AFRICA does not allow ASYLUM SEEKERS certain financial rights to take out of south africa such huge amount of money .In view of this, I cannot invest this money in South-Africa, hence I am asking you to assist me transfer this money out of South-Africa for investment purposes. For your efforts, I am prepared to offer you 15% of the total fund, While 5% will be set used to refund for local and international expenses and 80% will be kept for me and my family . Finally modalities on how the transfer will be done will be conveyed to you once we establish trust and confidence between ourselves. Looking forward to your urgent reply .For detailed information.


-- JOHN GEZI (, December 27, 2004.

Snore ............

-- Rosa Who Else (, December 29, 2004.

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