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who will be the real beneficiaries?, because whenever we ask this question to an Aalim who runs a madarasa he answered "the inmates of deeni madarasa". Is it true? Can a management of a Madarasa spent the Zakat money for his luxurious life, salaries of Moulvis, constructions of Madarasa's buildings and milk and bread for the inmates inwhich Sayyed Zadas are included?

-- ather moin (, November 19, 2002


The "luxurious lifestyle" of madaris? which world are you living in dude?

awwallan this is not a place to ask, there are only ignoramouses like you and me here

-- Muqaabil (Your Email, September 23, 2003.

It occured to me that the idea that the Maulvis should do other jobs to earn their bread and butter is an ingenious attack on Islaam by the Shaytaan The idea is that Maulvi sahib will be busy in earning money while atheists, mirzais and the like will be left free to corrupt people's faith.

An urdu article on Hafiz ul Hadeeth Maulana Abdullah Darkhwasti Rahimahullah

حافظ الحديث مولانا عبد الله درخواستي

-- Muqaabil (Your Email, October 04, 2003.

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