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This night I had such a strange dream. My fingers were in golden rings,and I tried to put more rings, but not golden, but white golden. And the rings were so heavy, but after a while I did it, but I had to take out my old golden rings. After, when my fingers were in golden rings, I began to show it to everybody, and I was sp happy! What does it mean. I really wan to know, 'coz not so long ago, my life complitely changed,and through all this time I didn't have any dreams! Thank you

-- Anonymous, November 18, 2002


I think that what your dream means is that when you had on the golden rings they were like the change that happened. It kept weighing on you more and more until you decided to deal with the change. That was when you took off the old rings and put on the new lighter white ones. That were like dealing with the change and not putting it off. Like when you get something off of your chest. The rings represent the old and the new. The dreams means that if you haven't you need to deal with the change and get on with your life. Even if it was dramatic, you need to get on with your life. Valorie

-- Anonymous, November 18, 2002

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