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Hello you all...

What do you guys think of the Mondial Piage. I saw this in a magazine and cheked out their site. I like this machine. What do you guys think?

Is that rear view mirrors from the F4S or what? I don't know if it says anywhere on the site or not, but the motor is the same one used on the 2001 Honda SP1 although mildly tuned, according to the magazine.


- Asok

-- Asok Boopathy (, November 15, 2002


As far as I know there are no Mondial dealers outside of Europe yet.

In a recent track test, it got whooped by almost everything though. Apparently the tank and bars were too wide, making it awkward, and difficult to maneuver. (they also said a narrower set up was in teh works at the time)

Good news though, is the Piega EVO has been revealed. (this may be where the narrower tank/bars come into play). Same motor, radial brakes, Ohlins forks. Aesthetically its much the same, with smoother edges, a different paint job, and some other minor differences (In my opinion it is better looking than the first Piega).

Still the SP1 motor, though hopefully Honda will let them upgrade to SP2, since there is no more factory SP2 entry in SBK. Be nice to see them do World Superbike and do well, and if they can get the handling and the homologation, the SP2 motor is up to the job.

Apparently it was down in power, despite the massaging at Mondial. If they can bring it's performance in line with RSV/999, people will be all over it.

-- scoon0224 (, November 02, 2003.

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