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Ladies and Gentlemen:

I would like to entertain the idea of creating a Servitor using the lovely fucking city of SF as a catalyst. This Servitor would yield results across the face of the globe and would be a personal manifestation of the Daemonic Mother. Look into the eyes of the Aghora, the Vama Marga and modern day LHP practice to realize what it is missing. The female recepticle.

This will be done in organized acts of madness on and in and beyond the city streets. Performance, sculpture, graffiti, ranting, organizational utilization of the homeless, dreams, intentional distortions, public obscenity and the will of each individual involved will be the catalyst through wich we call this servitor into being.

It shall culminate in a gallery showing that will embody the concentrated orange juice of each magician involved. Finding the gallery and covering all costs involved will be my doing.

Bring forth this Kali Yuga and know the majesty of embodying the essence of the Daemonic Mother.

In the name of Eris and the whore of babylon.... er ... san francisco.

-- ----- Duchamp Earthworm (, November 15, 2002


Yeah, daemonic mother my ass. LHP? Whatever. Dream on dog boy and step outside god boy...

Sure, open realm, discord and insanity in the streets? Burning things?

What Are

No no no. I want this to take away from the superficial web of all...if they do not give the dream to us shall we not bring the nightmare to them?

Oh, whiskey kicking in?

dramatic little bitch....

... well burning shit will be fun....

-- The REAL Duchamp earthworm (ARTERROR@AOL.COM), November 15, 2002.

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