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The Debutante-Master Commission is a year long Christian based curriculum that focuses on the spirital development of youth. The program was founded in 1952 and focuses on the study of the Bible, self-esteem, Know your church, spelling bees, oratorical contests, drill teams,etc. In addition there are classes on abstinence, and the Bible. The creative arts are also emphasized along with opportunities for fun like "Bible Bowl".There are also scholarchips. The year long program culminates in the presentation of youth to the world. During the year youth are given assignments for community outreach, helping in the church, improving academics and giving service to others. This program compliments all other youth programs and is not intended to take the place of Sunday School. Loretta Hill is the Administrator of this wonderful program and she needs volunteers from every district in the connection. You are invited to view the Debutante-Master web page at

Can someone do a direct link? Thanks

Rev. Denise Rogers (volunteer fifth district)

-- Anonymous, November 14, 2002


How wonderful it is to see the Christian Debutante and Masters Commission online. I am going to try a different HTML technique to lift its motto and provide a link. If this fails to work I will post it again with a more simplified HTML. Thanks for the site.

D aily Magnify Christ

-- Anonymous, November 15, 2002

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