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Hi there,

Can anybody advise if the new Canon IXUS V3 is any good and what is the market price for it? Many thanks!!

Regards, Calvyn

-- Calvyn (, November 14, 2002


I juz bought one recently. It cost $799 from penisula plaza. Its quite sleek in its design but its 2x optical focal length is a bit disapointing. Using its built-in flash to take portraits in a room will always result in an overexposed face. I think it doesn't really worth ,the high price ,for it's function. However if u're looking for looks, this camera is indeed a beauty.

-- dista (, November 16, 2002.

I tested the Ixus v3 in tenerife cost there 440 the US equivalent is called the Powershot s230, cheapest I have seen them in the UK is at 323 it is a cracking camera, and as for the other comment left by someone overexposure can be a problem inside but if there is enough light you can still achieve a perfect picture without the flash. buy one Regards Barry

-- Barry Moss (, January 06, 2003.

Just purchased the Cannon IXUS V3 from amazon. had problems loading the drivers for the camera. Eventually bought a card reader from Jessops for around 19 which downloads the pics 40 times faster.

Having spoken to Canon they advised there could be a problem with my operating system. Windows I reformated the hard disk installed all the software for the operating system and tried it again. No luck, so eventually bought a card reader which works perfectly.

My advice would be buy the camera great pics, does over expose on the flash, but you can compensate by using the manual overide and - the exposure to compensate.

Buy it on amazon for 326 its the cheapest. If this camera was a car I.d consider it to be a ferrari, good looks and takes great pics.

-- peter (, February 12, 2003.

This camera is the bomb diddy bang. Sa-da-tay and capa-town! the photos is tha shit my niggeros

-- Homer Keller (, April 24, 2003.


-- Pootie Tang (, April 24, 2003.

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