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Yes, I know what you're thinking. Can anyone give me info on Sunnyside Recreation Area? I'm sure you're all tired of these questions but this will be the last for a while. Was the park always a park or were there houses there and they were demolished? Please answer quickly. I recently discovered that Monterey (or Sunnyside) and Gennesee has become a mini Chinatown, with its 3 Chinese restaraunts and more Chinese buissnesses. Was it always like that, when the trains were there?

I'm terribly sorry that I must re-post this question because some MORON ended the thread...

The REAL Sean M. Hall

-- Sean M. Hall (, November 13, 2002


I know that place. It's in the Upper West Sunnyside, right?

Speaking of which, the Upper West Sunnyside is one of the Sunnyside's boroughs. The boroughs are Upper West Sunnyside, Lower East and South Sides/STRONG>, and Little Chinatown

-- Eric Roughton (, November 15, 2002.

This is a map with Little Chinatown in it.

-- Sean M. Hall (, November 15, 2002.

I found this from the website Kurt mentioned earlier. It's really cool.

-- Sean M. Hall (, November 17, 2002.

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