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I served a SARN on my bank, they acknowledged receipt of 10, 41 days ago saying they would respond by the 12th November, which so far they have not. I also completed their form detailing information they requested and sent it back by recorded delivery. I later also served notice on them under the Consumer Credit Act, paying the 1 fee to get copies of regulated loan agreements - the 28 days were also up yesterday.

Should I now write to the bank and point out they are in breach of both the DPA and CCA, asking for explanation or leave it a few more days.

To cut a very long story short the purpose of the notices were due to outstanding balances we dispute on secured loans, against which we wish to consider making settlement offers. Despite numerous letters and excuses the bank has so far been unable to provide any copy agreements.

Any other advice would be appreciated.


-- Ian (, November 13, 2002


Contact the Information Commission and obtain forms for assessment. I would not leave it any longer and it is regarded that the forty days are more than plenty of time. They should have at least contacted you to inform you of any delay.

However, within the act the bank may be able to use part of the law which states that the Fee and Request are the begining of the 40 day clock.

If you are running into difficulty with them, and you still owe THEM money then use their delays as your weapon to obtain leverage.

-- Geoff Winters (, November 13, 2002.

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