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i'm wanting to buy a Nikon SLR camera but there are so many models: FG/FM/EM/F/etc. How do i differentiate so many models & how do I decide what is suitable?

Also the number after the alphabet means? Bigger better?

-- kons (, November 11, 2002


You want to buy AF or MF? For AF Nikon, there are only F series. They are: Entry: F65, Amateur: F80, Semi-Pro: F100, Pro: F5.

-- Mr. Wang (, November 12, 2002.

Hi Kons & Mr Wang,

I'm a beginner myself and I'm thinking of the new Nikon F55, so Kons, you may want to consider that model too. Mr Wang, is this F55 good? please give us some valuable advise. Many Thanks!!

Regards, Calvyn

-- Calvyn Teh (, November 12, 2002.

F80 is the least to buy if you want to start photography. F55 and F65 would not be able to bring the best in photography, you would find yourself wanting to get a better model in just a few months. So save yourself the money and spend it on a good model that will last you for some time.

Cathay is having promotion of a Nikon F80 with 28-200mm D lens. Freebies include a SB-22S, tripod, camera bag, travel bag and a vest. Very good value for money at $1400. The lens alone cost $890 if bought alone.

-- Jon (, November 13, 2002.

Hi Kons,

Those letters and numbers you see are just the model names of the camera. e.g. EM - is a "compact" bodied SLR which operates only in aperture priority mode. Meaning, the camera sets the shutter speed according to the aperture you select. You cannot adjust the shutter speed, and is reliant on battery power to operate the shutter. It does have an "M90" mode, which means should your batteries go flat, you can still use the camera, but only at one speed, 1/90. FM - is a full manual camera. Aperture and shutter speeds are set by the photographer, there aren't any automatic settings for this camera. On the plus side, the shutter will work without batteries from 1 sec to 1/250 sec speed. Word of warning, the F/FG/FM/EM are all manual focus camreras, if you're looking for one with auto-focus capabilites, you'll have to get one of the newer models, they have both manual and auto-focus modes.

-- PM (, November 28, 2002.

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