What Poe paid for writing Fall of the Usher - need answer by 11-11-02

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How much money did Poe make for writing Fall of the Usher? It was published in 1839 in which magazine or book? But when was the book written? Do you the inspiration behind the store? THANKS

-- Anonymous, November 11, 2002


In "Burton's" magazine of which Poe was co-editor and required him to contribute on a regular basis. Certainly Poe's works made a lot of money for the magazine but he got sacked in a year and the magazine was sold to Graham who rehired Poe as editor. "The Haunted Palace" was published separately, months earleir than the tale that now contains it. Don't understand the inspiration question. Add the poem to the philosophical thesis and you have the underlying argument and symbolism of the tale.

-- Anonymous, November 12, 2002

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