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I have read thru this forum and saw a few people have posted that they are having problems playing some VCD on their PCs.

The problem seem to be that some VCD that can be viewed on a standalone player, appears to Win98 Explorer as an audio CD when read by, it only contain 2 or 3 .cda files, about 10K each, and nothing else, but the disk size appears to be 500+m. And those .cda files cannot be playback by MSmediaplayer.

I tried using WinonCD 3.7 to dup the disk, on the file listing it shows that the VCD have a hidden data file, size is over 450+m, which seem to be the video's data file.

But I have no success in read this file, WinonCD only "see" it, but cannot open it or dup it to another file on its own, it can dup the whole CD, but the 2nd copy is still unplayable on the PC. Have anyone here find a solution for this problem yet?

-- Teddy Lee (, November 11, 2002


There is a copy protection scheme that allows a VCD to be played on most stand-alone players, but appear as an audio CD on a PC. I don't know the actual mechanism of the copy protection, but I assume that it may be similar to Sony's audio CD copy protection.


-- No One (, November 14, 2002.

For VCD, i'm using sthvcd as player and daemon-tools for emulating dvd player and it's really good!!

-- Valhi (;), November 15, 2002.

I use the Subhash VCD Player for the PC - and if you search the net for it, you'll find that it's completely freeware. And it works excellent. Anyone having a problem with their computer mistaking a VCD for an audio CD won't encounter that problem again after they install the Subhash VCD player. YOu simply load a VCD into your hard drive, click on the player icon, and it automatically reads it as VCD - then BAM! The movie starts.

-- Freddy Fingerz (, November 17, 2002.

still no solution?

I have two VCDs that work just fine on a VCD player but won't work on my PC(Windows 9x). The PC reads them as audio CDs. I downloaded subhash as you suggested but I get an error message that says I have no CD in the drive. I tried using ISObuster but it can only detect the files as tracks. i get the error message that the Primary Volume Descriptor is missing. Somebody suggested that the video CD may have been burned using a Unix system that is why it can't be read on my windows pc. Any truth to this? and what to do?

thnx for any answer

-- (, May 14, 2003.

My problem is a bit different from above people. I have a few VCDs which works fine with VCD Player but not on a computer. It doesn't even show a single file no nothing hidden or anything. It seems that CD's blank but still the capacity is occupied. I used Nero, it shows only the number of files and there sizes but cannot open it. Please help.

-- Noor Khan (, July 06, 2003.

for cda tracks use clonecd.. it creates a image file on hdd.vcd player can read it..

-- skydreams (, October 30, 2003.

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