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I need help finding Criticism on Poe's "Spirit of the Dead" and "Dream." If any one knows where I can get criticism or their significance, please help. Thankyou =)

-- Anonymous, November 10, 2002


Early poems published in 1827. However there is "Dreams" and "A Dream". "Spirits of the Dead" or "Visit of the dead" may be taken from Byron's "Manfred" referring to the haunting by the poet of his lost(estranged) love, ladt Byron. That sentiment idsexpanded in Poe's second version.

In the graveyard alone- silent before the presence of the "will" of the spirits of his dear departed- the oppressiveness is comfortless even in the mirroring of heaven in the sky,a red fever-his spirit is now repossessed by memory and the visions- complete stasis of this stillness. the creative breath of God moves not, a hanging fog, shadowy but stuck forever.

Now in "Dreams" he speaks of that power and vision as more fleeting, a gust of chill wind, a dream, but which "From my remembrance shall not pass. Though these tow poems are more related in atmosphere and remebrance the other poem "A Dream" also speaks to the theme of casting one's vision to the past, in a more positive meaningful manner rather than the raw possession of the first two poems. There is more that could be said about each poem, their Byronic influences, their intricate structures and meanings but since you are linking them perhapsit is just to see the ambiguous power of memory and "ghosts" in Poe's life and mind. A whole host of stories and poems will recap this later in his life. He wills it yet feels overcome by the will of those he loves that are gone, something much more even than a love/hate relationship or repulsion attraction.

-- Anonymous, November 12, 2002

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