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wow. i'm so glad i found this sight. i had my first experience with aeon flux last week and i think the show has amazed me. i've only watched one episode: "utopia or deuteronopia." its alluring. im interested in viewing some comments from you guys about it.

-- sam (, November 10, 2002


And art thou nothing ? Such thou art, as when The woodman winding westward up the glen At wintry dawn, where o'er the sheep-track's maze The viewless snow-mist weaves a glist'ning haze, Sees full before him, gliding without tread, An image with a glory round its head ; The enamoured rustic worships its fair hues, Nor knows he makes the shadow, he pursues !

-- (, November 12, 2002.

Sam, for some great comments try: Utopia or Deuteronopia?

And I like your poetry thing a2ndrateprofit.

-- Sam (, November 12, 2002.

Where did that poem come from? This is just a stab in the dark but is it Robert Frost?

-- Aaron (, November 20, 2002.

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