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1. Do you feel that the intergration of Orleans Parish schools has had a detrimental affect on African American Students?

-- (, November 10, 2002


As a positive product of the Orleans Parish school I can truly say

that intergration is not a factor; In high school I was in classes

where the majority of the students were Vietnamese there were only

about 4 or 5 Black students and it didn't affect me educationally or

socially. I attended Abramson Senior High, where the majority of the

students were black, but by being in honor classes I was in classes

where I became the minority, but I can truly say that it made me work

harder and strive for my very best. Intergration in public schools

are not a bad thing, but most importantly we have to remember that

all whites are not upper class and therefore some cannot afford to

put their children in private institutions and many other minority

ethnic groups; we are in the same struggle for equality as for as

education goes, so therefore intergration is not a detriment on

African American students.

-- Ms. DeJuan LaCine Carter (, March 12, 2003.

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