What are the meaning of poems spirit of the dead and the sleeper

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what is meaning of the poem the sleeper and spirit of the dead by edgar allan poe

-- Anonymous, November 10, 2002


The Spirits of the dead is the earlier poe,. Both were revised.

The Sleeper was originally "Irene" from the Greek personificiation of Peace, but see the Orthodox St. Irene at the internet website. her legend shows shows startling echoes with the Sleeper especially in "Irene with her Destinies." It is not the first time Poe dipped into the Byzantine for imagery, but it is rare. It is Sleeping Beauty stasis a la Poe, death frozen with lingering memory surrounded by mortality and corruption, a treasure beseiged by death held timeless then forced into deeper refuge. the prayers of the narrator are more upsetting than comforting, pleading for the eternity of the still preservation yet that no waking to the inevitable corruption should disturb it. It is Poe's most delciate poem about his ties to lost beauty and memory in the world between worlds that haunts him.

Spirits of the dead is far simpler. Spirits still and possesed of will("Ligeia")suuround the resonantly stillmourner in a more conscious yet non-visual way than "The Sleeper" is surrounded by memories and the grave, deaf to the mourner and every other presence.

-- Anonymous, November 12, 2002

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