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Hello, I am looking for information on the Strip club Chez Paree and the Club Irisher (141 Mason) owned by Myer Neft in the 1960's. My mother was a dancer at these clubs(as well as many others across the U.S) and I am looking for the owner, if he is still living, his family or someone who may know what happened to the paperwork about the performers. I am also looking for other performers of the time that may remember or worked with my parents. My mothers stage name was Venus DeMars and my father's stage name was Larry Ford. We lived in the bay area for several years. Mother also did one Alfred Hitchcock show tittled "maria" as well as a small part in Elvis's Roustabout. I am writing a book about their careers in show business and nefed to find as much paperwork, photos, and persons as possible. Thank you

-- Maria Robbins (, November 09, 2002


The stripclub you are talking about was founded by Marcus Gruinheld in about 1963. The site used to be a potted shrimp outlet called Stubbies before that.

-- Dave Crowe (, November 09, 2002.

The Irisher Club appears at 141 Mason in the 1948 Telephone Directory. The Chez Paree appears at 150 Mason. The All star Strip Club appears in 1964 at 141 Mason. Photos of the Chez Paree and the All Star are included in the Photo Collection of the San Francisco Library.

Good luck in your research.

-- Kurt Iversen (, November 11, 2002.

Today while going throug some old photographs, I found a picture of my grandfather in his Navy uniform sitting at a table with 2 other sailors, also in uniform. The picture is a folder and on the front it says "The Irisher" and in an arrow pointing to the inside it sas 141 Mason. In a 4 leaf clover on the cover is a picture of a man, not anyone I recognize. I don't know if it would be the owner of the club or not. I'm assuming the picture was taken in the 1940's as my grandfather served aboard the U.S.S. Poseidon in 1945. I think the picture might have been a taken while they were on a leave of some sort. On the back of the folder there is a stamp which says:

For reprints write JINX PHOTOS 935 Market Street - Room 201 San Francisco 2, Calif.

Pictures are $1.25 each Including Mailing Charges Please Mention the IRISHER

No._________ Date:___________

ACE PRINTING CO., 451 Ellis St., San Francisco

I hope this helps you in your search.

-- Paula Shockley (, June 29, 2003.

I beg your pardon but I cannot help you directly with your research though I do have a old match book from the irisher, 15 matches each complete inside with scantily clad ladies posing on each match, with a banner running along the set of 5 matchs saying 'Show Time 9 to 2A.M' in italic lettering. The back of the book states it as San Francisco's most colorful cocktail lounge " and "Continuous Entertainment".PRospect 5-5227.You probably have a draw full at home anyway just thought I'd say G'day.

-- jesse arnold donnelly (, February 18, 2004.

My father owned the Irisher (with a partner)during the 1940s. I know he owned it in 1946 and think owned from about 1945-1949. I am currently traveling and do have some information about owners, performers, and maybe who bought the club; will send info when I get home. Also, my father was in the Navy from 1942-1945 which may explain picture with sailors.

-- Hannah Mae (, May 23, 2004.

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