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i just recently purchased a SX-70 Polaroid camera from a garage do i tell if this is the correct camera to use for polaroid transfers?? i have a great book that discusses techniques and supplies etc...but no mention of exactly what type of polaroid is to be used???? thanks

-- melissa pranke (, November 08, 2002


I'm nearly positive that you cannot use the SX-70 for images transfers. You can use the SX-70 with Time Zero film to do manipulations, though.

I'm trying to find a list of models that will work with the peel apart films but I've misplaced it. For the most part, you'll want to look for bigger cameras that pop up or that have bellows.

Holly Dupre has a helpful (free) book in pdf. It's online: Sadly, I don't think she lists camera models either. You might try browsing through Kathleen Carr's link page for answers.

I'll post again if I find the specific models that will work for image transfer. In the meantime, you should try a few manipulations. Why not?

-- Cheryl J. Willson (, November 13, 2002.

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