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I have been using sthsvcd_55 to capture frames from mpeg2 files and saving them as 24 bit true color bitmaps. I really require the captured files to be lossless as I am doing some tests on the quality of the mpeg2 file. Does anyone know of any software that allows the frames to be captured and saved in a suitable lossless format.

Thanks in advance

-- Nicola Duff (, November 08, 2002


Try PICVideo lossless codec. It can be downloaded from PICVideo site. For full functionality you have to buy it. The lossless video means very high dimension of the files compared to lossy codecs. Practically the captured files can have a compression rate of only 200% to 300% compared to the RAW VIDEO uncompressed.

-- D.S. (, May 29, 2003.

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