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Recently my husband I went up to the City and found that the Harold and Maude writings in the one ruin "room"had been partially painted over so that you couldn't read the whole Sutro story that the movie crew had painted there as a sort of make shift memorial. I understand that there was obscene graffiti painted over the Harold & Maude verbiage, however, couldn't someone have at least painted the other words back over the gray paint that was used to cover the graffiti? It was a lovely little tribute to the place and shame it is one more thing that is lost from there.Does anyone out there have the complete verbiage to it or have photos of all of it so we can maybe recreate it on an on-line sight? It would be nice to restore something of the place, even if it's in a virtual space. Thank you for your help!

-- Louise Ann Godfrey (, November 07, 2002

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