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Started this directed at Kathy, but anyone is welcome.

Since you like hot peppers I have seeds from southwestern bird pepper or tepins, they are very hot and also have some aji which are from Peru and dry yellow/orange and are very hot, require a 120 day growth peroid, similar to the long growth peroid for habaneros, and some thai pappers that are very prolific and very hot.

The thai and tepin are going on three years growth here as they are short enough and will over winter with proper protection here.

Also have some pasillo, which are a mild pepper and used to make mole sauce.

So if you or anyone else want some seeds, email me at

I have enough seeds for 10-20 people, if people will send a self addressed stamped envelope.

-- BC (, November 07, 2002


I'm send you an e-mail, please save some for me. I have been looking for some bird pepper seeds and love all hot peppers. It's always fun to see just how hot I can grow them. Thanks for the generous offer.

-- Kathy (, November 07, 2002.

I just tried sending you an e-mail at the address you gave but it gave me a message that it's not a valid e-mail.

I cc'd it to the one behind your signature so I don't know if either of your addys got sent the message so if you don't get one please e- mail me at either the address listed for me here or at with your address so I can get the envelope out to you. Thanks BC, have a great night.

-- Kathy (, November 07, 2002.

I have sent you an email.I would like to try your seeds.Thanks.

-- Bill Kerr (, December 06, 2002.

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