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help me i suck some one has to help me into cut out of sailor moon i suck and the worst part is i cant fight and when i watch sailor moon i shove a bat up my pussy because i need to have sex but i cant but at leat my father gives me sex that makes me feel better so help me in anyway

-- magic knight of the dark moon (, November 07, 2002


if someone gives you a gift,and you donnot accept it to whome dose the give belong?

-- Magic Knight Of The Dark Moon (, November 07, 2002.

hehehehahahah i knew you where a loser

-- ssj4 goku (super, November 07, 2002.

This is not MK, this is once again, you idiots who seem to be plentiful. Sides, Im pretty sure MK spells a WEE bit better then that.

-- KillerCrud (, November 08, 2002.

kc i think they all know its not mk

-- ssj4 goku (super saiyan, November 08, 2002.

Sure, but thats still not nice. Youd probably get pretty pissed if he did it to you.

-- KillerCrud (, November 08, 2002.

i thout mk was a she and i well stop if she can exipe some ones oppeing

-- ssj4 goku (super saiyan, November 09, 2002.

likewise my friend... i have excepted it for a while i could care less if you like sailor moon or not but i just don`t like you most likely becuase you impersonate other ppl and than make up 7 different personalties just to give the illusion that other ppl are on your side

-- Magic Knight Of The Dark Moon (, November 09, 2002.

hahaha i see a lot of wannabe still try to sound like me in their godawful post. haha what a loser. u try an dpost like me why? u on my sack that bad? anyone that post as someone else is a lsoer. and a dork. see everyeon this is what fool nerd ass cracka do when bored. specially sone tha t post as 8 diffeent people and try to scare. u dumass nobody belive that is maginc night of the moon just like nobidy belinve ur last post was me. hahaha loser. y odn't u go back to wathing ur catoon. haha u know how i knnow dbz is sack chowder? cuz noone know wht really going on. i read ur posts on it. hahaah

freezer came to earth.

no he din't.

he did i n japan.

he didt in USA.

but gohan beat him up.

no he didnt.

yes he did.

he did in US.

he did not in japan.

haha u fools cant even keep up wiht ur own stupid caroon. hahaha my name is fajita nad i big and tough. kick anybody ass. but i going to a cartoon festival and dress up like a cartoon guy that change into a girl when u trhow hot water on me. ROFLMAo


-- Piss Off (, November 09, 2002.

someone please help i hae no frineds and i scared that i won't meet a nice gf aat cartoon party. someone please teach me to not be a loser

-- ssj4 goku (super saiyan, November 09, 2002.

help me i am a fucking loser a suck i am so mesrable i cant get laid at leat my mom has sex with me

-- piss off (, November 09, 2002.

and piss off kiss my fucking ass

-- ssj4 goku (super saiyan, November 09, 2002.

and please if your a man will you go out with me i am a 5.9 transvistite

-- piss off (, November 09, 2002.

oh jesus you people need to grow the fuck up

-- Magic Knight Of The Dark Moon (, November 09, 2002.


and for the record, a am not a sailor moon fan, I just haven't flamed in a while and...

-- Scott (, November 09, 2002.

I am a sailor moon fan, if you don't like it you can fucking suck my dick off. KC, I am close to PAYING you for the assassination (digitally or otherwise) of this idiot. (super saiyan

-- ArchPyro (, November 09, 2002.

fuck off scott if you dont like sailormoon an archPyro you tolled me your a guy and you like sailor moon that makes you gay you are gay you stupid fuck

-- ssj4 goku (super saiyan, November 10, 2002.

ap that will be a wast of cash i have shot a cop before so what will stop me from shoting you to death and fuck off your in love with a dead show that is stupid and do you know why they put those sailor moon dvd 50 dollors thats because they know how much of a sucker a sailor moon fan is and ar go out side get laid for crist sakes

-- ssj4 goku (super saiyan, November 10, 2002.

and ap what are 9 get the fuck out of here

-- ssj4 goku (super saiyan, November 10, 2002.

and scott why you shit talking me diss that mother fucker acropyro and ap sailor moon sucks

-- ssj4 goku (super saiyan, November 10, 2002.

sailor mercury sucks , sailor venus sucks ,sailor mars sucks , sailor jupiter sucks , sailor saturn sucks , sailor uranus sucks , sailor neptune sucks , sailor pluto sucks , sailor moon sucks , and tuxedo mask swallows

-- will smith (, November 10, 2002.

*laughs* See, I was right, dumbfucks have infested this board. Screw it. If you happen to see my name on this board again it was definitely not by me. And Joh, stop the cock sucking, your going to end up with gonorrhea.

-- ArchPyro (, November 10, 2002.

i know you will be at that anime expo i am going to kick your ass there i will drag you in a room and i wil kick your ass so bad that you will forget about sailor moon and maybe even all of anim cock sucker

-- super saiyan4 goku (super saiyan, November 10, 2002.

i suck so please dont kick my ass my life sucks i only got sailor moon i know i lack a life and i am a sucker but dont kick my ass and i am gay piss off will you go out with me i am hot i hope you are hot to

-- ArchPyro (, November 10, 2002.

i`m a guy

-- Magic Knight Of The Dark Moon (, November 10, 2002.

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