What are symptoms of a failed knee replacement?

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I had my knee replaced about 7 years ago. Lately when I walk I get the sensation that my knee is going to go out. My question is how long should a knee replacement last and what are some symptoms that might indicate a problem with the replacement and what are my options to correct this. I am 76 years old.

-- Patricia Mary Eckholm (eckholmp@yahoo.com), November 07, 2002


the most common symptom of a failed TKR is pain. Instability may also be a problem. the only way to know for sure if your knee is failing and what to do about it is for you to been seen and examined by an experienced orthopaedist.

-- Dr Timothy S. Johnson (tjohns55@jhmi.edu), November 12, 2002.

I had knee replacement a year ago and still have no full range of motion. Have had therapy several times to no benefit of getting more motion. Have terrible pain when all my weight is put on that leg. I too feel like I have had a failed knee replacement.

-- Karen Hockett (karBrdwmn2@aol.com), July 24, 2004.

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