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When I burn my VCD's...(the vcd's I burn are all with subtitles) the dimensions of the files are at 352:240... The files play fine on my computer...but when I play them on the DVD player, the subtitles are clipped and cut at the bottom of the screen...what can i do to change this? I've tried all the settings at Nero of Maximize, Scale and Fit, and Scale and Clip...however...none seem to be working? Have I done this incorrectly? Which setting should I use? What shall I do?

-- Eriol (, November 05, 2002


A television set will clip 5% of an image on each edge; on older sets, the clipping can be as much as 10% on each edge. Not much you can do short of getting a new digital set.


-- No One (, November 08, 2002.

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